Khác biệt giữa các bản “Catharina-Amalia, Công chúa xứ Orange”

|symbolism = [[File:Arms of the Netherlands (1815-1907).svg|20px]] The first and fourth quarters are the [[coat of arms of the Netherlands]], based on the coat of arms of the [[House of Nassau]].<ref name="coatsofarms"/><br>[[File:Blason Raymond IV des Baux.svg|20px]] The second and third quarters are the coat of arms of the [[Prince of Orange]].<ref name="coatsofarms"/><br> [[File:Coats of arms of the Zorreguieta (de Sorreguieta) Family.png|21px]] In the center is the coat of arms of the [[Zorreguieta]] family.<ref name="coatsofarms"/>
[[Thể loại: Hoàng gia Hà Lan]]
[[Thể loại: Công chúa Hà Lan]]
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