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Nội dung chọn lọc đại diện cho phần tốt nhất mà Wikipedia mang lại. Đây là những bài viết, hình ảnh và nhiều sự đóng góp khác thể hiện kết quả tốt đẹp của những nỗ lực hợp tác nhằm phát triển Wikipedia. Tất cả những nội dung chọn lọc đều trải qua quá trình xem xét để chắc chắn rằng chúng đạt được những tiêu chuẩn cao nhất và có thể trở thành những ví dụ điển hình về mục đích cuối cùng của chúng ta. Một ngôi sao màu vàng ([[Tập tin:Fairytale bookmark golden.png|14px|Ngôi sao nội dung chọn lọc]]) ở góc bên phải, đầu trang cho biết rằng nội dung này đã được chọn lọc.
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| products = Specialty chemicals for printed circuit boards, IC-substrates, semiconductors and surface finishing industry
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'''Atotech- Viet Nam''' is an international [[Adhesives|speciality chemicals]] company, a [[subsidiary]] of the French oil and gas company [[Total S.A.]], with its main office in [[Berlin]], Germany.
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Atotech provides specialty chemical processes and equipment for the [[printed circuit]] board, [[Integrated circuit|IC-substrate]] and [[semiconductor]] industries as well as the decorative and functional [[surface finishing]] industries.
==Nội dung chọn lọc mới <small>{{Ed|Thông báo/Nội dung chọn lọc mới}}</small>==
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Atotech operates in more than 40 countries with chemistry and equipment production sites in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. In 2012, the company employed about 4,000 people. Atotech was founded in 1993, when ELFAtochem merged its M&T Harshaw operations with the [[electroplating]] division of [[Schering AG]].<ref></ref> <ref></ref>
==Công việc chọn lọc==
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Atotech originates from the Schering AG. The roots of the “Schering-Galvanotechnik” division can be dated back to 1895, when Schering patented a process for [[leaching]] gold and silver by [[potassium cyanide]].
In 1901, the electroplating division came into existence and produced salt mixtures for storing metals, brand name Trisalyt.<ref>{{cite book|title=Trisalyte Schering und ihre Anwendung in der Galvanotechnik|year=1935|publisher=Schering-Kahlbaum AG|location=Berlin}}</ref>
In 1936 the electroplating division developed the first “fast” electrolyte – Copper Trisalyt Extra Rapid – as well as the world’s first gloss surface bath – Brilliant. The success of these innovations led to the establishment of the first department for plant construction for electroplating.
In 1951, Schering AG started the electroplating division in Feucht, Germany, where Atotech has its main equipment production site until today. In 1989, the electroplating division moved to a new location in Berlin, Germany.<ref>{{cite book|title=Schering Broschure “Milestones – Company History: Dates and Facts /Research, Development and Production”|publisher=Schering AG}}</ref>
In 1993, Schering AG sold its electroplating division to the French chemical company ELF Atochem. ELFAtochem merged its subsidiary M&T Harshaw with the electroplating division from Schering AG and founded Atotech Deutschland GmbH.
After the establishment of plants and service centers in Germany, a manufacturing and service network in other European countries and Asia, and later in the Americas followed.
Today, Atotech’s core businesses are decorative and functional surface finishing and printed circuit boards and package substrates as well as the complementary fields of electronic materials and semiconductor technology. The company provides custom-made integrated production systems and local service to its customers worldwide.
Atotech provides specialty chemical processes and equipment for
* [[Printed circuit board]] industry
* IC-substrate industry
* [[Semiconductor]] industry
* [[Electronic materials]]
* decorative and functional [[surface finishing]] industry ([[Chrome plating|decorative coatings]], corrosion protection coatings, [[electroless nickel]], [[hard chrome]], functional electronic coatings)
==External Links==
*[ Atotech Corporate Website]
*[ Total Corporate Website]
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