Khác biệt giữa các bản “Sala”

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In [[Hindu]] tradition, the sal tree is said to be favoured by [[Vishnu]].<ref>[ Sacred trees]</ref> Its name ''shala'', ''shaal'' or ''sal'', comes from [[Sanskrit]]; other names in the Sanskrit language are ''ashvakarna'', ''chiraparna'' and ''sarja'', among many others.<ref>[ Ayurveda Shaal]</ref>
The sal tree is often confused with the [[ashoka tree]] ''(Saraca indica)'' in the ancient literature of the [[Indian Subcontinent]].
In [[Buddhist]] tradition, it is said that [[Queen Māyā of Sakya]] gave birth to Gautama [[Buddha]] under a sal tree or an asoka tree in a garden in [[Lumbini]], in south [[Nepal]], while grasping its branch. When this event took place, Queen Māyā was en route to birth him in his grandfather's kingdom. It is also said that four pairs of sal trees growing around the Buddha's bed suddenly turned white when he died.

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