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Vietnamized numbers et al
n (Vietnamized numbers et al)
|commander1=[[John Pope]]
|commander2=[[Robert E. Lee]]<br/>[[James Longstreet]]<br/>[[Stonewall Jackson]]
|strength1=62,.000<ref name=strength>Eicher, p. 327.</ref>
|strength2=50,.000<ref name=strength/>
|casualties1=~10.000 chết hay bị thương<ref name=casualties>Greene, p. 54. Most published figures for casualties are for the entire Northern Virginia Campaign, including the significant battles of Cedar Mountain and Chantilly. The campaign casualties, reported by Eicher, p. 334, were Union 14,.462 (1,.747 killed, 8,.452 wounded, 4,.263 captured/missing); Confederate 9,.474 (1,.553 killed, 7,.812 wounded, 109 captured/missing).</ref>
|casualties2=~1.300 chết, ~7.000 bị thương<ref name=casualties/>

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