Khác biệt giữa các bản “Reggio Emilia”

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* {{flagicon|Poland}} [[Bydgoszcz]], [[Ba Lan]]
* {{flagicon|Moldova}} [[Chişinău]], [[Moldova]]
* {{flagicon|Italy}} [[Cutro]] , [[Ý|Italia]]
* {{flagicon|France}} [[Dijon]] , [[Pháp]]
* {{flagicon|United States}} [[Fort Worth]] in [[Hoa Kỳ]]<ref name="Fort Worth">{{chú thích web|url=|title=Fort Worth Sister Cities | The world is ready. The time is now.||accessdate=17 February 2010}}</ref>
* {{flagicon|Spain}} [[Girona]] , [[Tây Ban Nha]]
* {{flagicon|Serbia}} [[Kragujevac]] in [[Serbia]] <ref name="Twin2">{{chú thích web|url=|title=Kragujevac City Partners|publisher=[[copyright|©]] 2008 Information service of Kragujevac City|accessdate=2008-10-27}}</ref>
* {{flagicon|Mexico}} [[Toluca]] ở [[México|Mexico]]