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===Thời niên thiếu===
[[File:DH Lawrence 1906.jpg|thumb|right|D. H. Lawrence năm 21 tuổi (1906)]]
The fourthcon childthứ oftư của Arthur John Lawrence, amột barelythợ literatemỏ minerít học vấn, and Lydia (néetên thời con gái là Beardsall), atừng former [[pupilgiáo teacher]] whoviên, owingnhưng to hernhững family'skhó financialkhăn difficultiestài chính của gia đình, hadphải tolàm dothợ manualthủ workcông introng amột lacexuởng factoryđăng-ten,<ref>[ DH Lawrence - The life and death of author, David Herbert Lawrence]</ref> Lawrence spentsống hisnhững formativenăm yearsđầu introng themột coalthị miningtrấn townkhai ofthác than mỏ ở [[Eastwood, Nottinghamshire|Eastwood]], Nottinghamshire. TheNgôi housenhà innơi whichông hesinh wasra born, in Eastwood, số 8a Victoriađường StreetVictoria, isngày nownay the bảo tàng nơi khai sinh D.H. Lawrence ([[D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum]]).<ref>[ Broxtowe Borough Council: D. H. Lawrence Heritage<!-- bot-generated title -->] at</ref> HisGia working-classcảnh backgroundthuộc andtầng thelớp tensionscông betweennhân, hiscùng parentsvới providednhững thecăng rawthẳng materialtrong formối aquan numberhệ ofgiữa hischa earlymẹ workstrở thành nguồn nguyên liệu thô cho một số tác phẩm đầu tay của ông. Sau đó Lawrence wouldthuờng returnvề toquên this localityviết andnhững oftentác wrotephẩm aboutvề nearbythị trấn Underwood kế bên, callinggọi nó it; "thequê countryhuơng ofcủa mytrái heart,tim tôi"<ref>Letter to [[Rolf Gardiner]], 3 December 1926.</ref>, aslấy a settinglàm forbối muchcảnh ofcho nhiều tiểu thuyết hiscủa fictionông.
The young Lawrence attended Beauvale Board School (now renamed Greasley Beauvale D. H. Lawrence [[Primary School]] in his honour) from 1891 until 1898, becoming the first local pupil to win a [[County Council]] scholarship to [[Nottingham High School]] in nearby Nottingham. He left in 1901, working for three months as a junior clerk at Haywood's surgical appliances factory, but a severe bout of pneumonia ended this career. During his convalescence he often visited Hagg's Farm, the home of the Chambers family, and began a friendship with Jessie Chambers. An important aspect of this relationship with Chambers and other adolescent acquaintances was a shared love of books, an interest that lasted throughout Lawrence's life. In the years 1902 to 1906 Lawrence served as a [[pupil teacher]] at the British School, Eastwood. He went on to become a full-time student and received a [[Qualified Teacher Status|teaching certificate]] from [[University of Nottingham|University College, Nottingham]], in 1908. During these early years he was working on his first poems, some short stories, and a draft of a novel, ''Laetitia'', which was eventually to become ''[[The White Peacock]].'' At the end of 1907 he won a short story competition in the ''Nottingham Guardian'', the first time that he had gained any wider recognition for his literary talents.

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