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* John Humma (1990) ''Metaphor and Meaning in D. H. Lawrence's Later Novels,'' University of Missouri Press
* [[Frank Kermode]] (1973) ''Lawrence'' (London: Fontana)
* Mark Kinkead – Weekes (1968) ''The Marble and the Statue: The Exploratory Imagination of D. H. Lawrence'', pp.  371–418. in Gregor, lan and Maynard Mack (eds.), ''Imagined Worlds: Essays in Honour of John Butt'' (London: Methuen,)
* [[F. R. Leavis]] (1955) ''D H Lawrence: Novelist'' (London, Chatto and Windus)
* [[F. R. Leavis]] (1976) ''Thought, Words and Creativity: Art and Thought in D. H. Lawrence'' (London, Chatto and Windus)
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