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(Trang mới: “{{Infobox religious building | building_name=Cathedral of Saint Peter the Apostle of Jaca<br/> <small>{{lang|es|Catedral de San Pedro Apóstol}}</small> | image=…”)
| image= Puerta lateral San Pedro de Jaca.jpg
| caption=Side entrance of the Cathedral of Jaca
| location= [[Jaca]], SpainTây Ban Nha
| geo = {{Coord|42|34|13.8|N|0|32|56.8|W|type:landmark_region:ES|display=inline,title}}
| religious_affiliation=[[Giáo hội Công giáo Rôma]]
| district=
| consecration_year=
| status= CathedralNhà thờ chính tòa
| leadership=Vacant<ref>Archbis. [[Jesús Sanz Montes]] is the Apolostic Administrator since January 2010.[]</ref>
| website=
| specifications=no
| facade_direction=
| groundbreaking= 11th centurythế kỷ 11
| year_completed= 12th centurythế kỷ 12
| construction_cost=
| capacity=