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{| cellspacingclass="0{{{class|}}} multicol" cellpaddingrole="0presentation" classstyle="border-collapse: collapse; padding: 0; border: {{{classborder|0}}}"; style="background-color: {{{bgColor|{{{bgcolor|transparent}}}}}}; width: {{{width|100%}}};"<noinclude>
{{Tài liệu}}
Begins with a blank line to ensure the table wiki code is at the beginning of a line.
* {{tl|Col-begin/TemplateData}}
This [[Wikipedia:Template|template]] is a [[Wikipedia:Avoid self-references|self-reference]] and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopaedic content.
To do: use &lt;table> tag instead of table wiki code?
* class (default: "")
* bgColor (default: transparent) - remember to set to null when the class defines the background
* width (default: 100%)
==See also==
* {{tl|Col-begin}}
* {{tl|col-begin-small}}
* {{tl|Col-break}}
* {{tl|Col-2}}
* {{tl|Col-3}}
* {{tl|Col-4}}
* {{tl|Col-5}}
* {{tl|Col-6}}
* {{tl|Col-end}}
* [[Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Archive 35#Columns in articles]]
* [[Template talk:Columns]] — Proposed CSS-based replacement
== Liên kết ngoài ==
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