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[[Image:houses.of.parliament.overall.arp.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The [[Palace of Westminster|Houses of Parliament]], also known as the Palace of Westminster, in London.]]
‘’’Hệ thống Westminster’’’ là hệ thống nhà nước dân chủ nghị viện theo mô hình chính trị của [[Vương quốc Anh]]. Thuật ngữ này xuất phát từ [[Cung điện Westminster]] , nơi đặt [[Nghị viện Anh]]
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The system is a series of procedures for operating a [[legislature]]. It is used, or was once used, in the national legislatures and [[Administrative division|subnational]] legislatures of most [[Commonwealth of Nations|Commonwealth]] and ex-Commonwealth nations upon being granted [[responsible government]], beginning with the first of the [[Canada_under_British_Imperial_control_(1764-1867)#Act_of_Union_.281840.29|Canadian provinces]] in 1848 and the six [[History_of_Australia#Colonial_self-government_and_the_discovery_of_gold|Australian colonies]] between 1855 and 1890.

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