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But as a student in seminary , I was challenged to believe that God also redeems and restores all of the cosmos, just as God has redeemed you and me.
If many current students come to seminary without fixed notions of biblical authority, how can a prime teaching goal continue to be disabusing students of rigidity?
Who can appreciate better than seminary students the incomprehensibility of God?
College and seminary students studying American religion will undoubtedly find this anthology on their required reading lists.
Definitions of yeshiva
These tended to be younger people, such as Bible college or seminary students.
When I was a student in seminary I had as an assignment to write a paper on Calvinism and Birth Control.
an Orthodox Jewish college or seminary.
The balance of clarity and detail makes this commentary useful for students of Paul in seminary and college courses.
Musar is now mostly a minor subject on the curriculum of yeshivas and seminaries.
For some time after its foundation, Manly was the only seminary in Australia preparing students for the secular priesthood.
Though the study attends to lay students enrolled in theologates, its main focus is seminarians preparing for the priesthood.
The decline in vocations, which began under Pius XII, has not been reversed and there is now one seminarist for every twelve priests.
In 1789 François became a seminarist , that is a student in an institution for training candidates for the priesthood.
Many, perhaps most, seminarians who believe they are being called to priesthood do not have a charism for celibacy - a graced aptitude for consecrated single life.
If seminaries are preparing students for professional ministry, this should be the focus of classes - not how-to-study sessions.
While the ascetic regime of an Italian seminarist in the late nineteenth century was of course alien - and sometimes alienating - I was impressed by his devotion and sincerity.
He introduced a bill to reduce military service from five years to three but to close the loopholes by which seminarists , students, and the rich could obtain exemption.
But when he gets into the car, the seminarist , still firm in his beliefs, reminds Dabii of the Koran prohibitions, the injunction that man must not kill.
Training must make available to seminarians the true ideals of serving the people of God in the person of Christ the Head in order to inspire them beyond the sterile identity which is clericalism.
I lived in the house as a seminarian, I had to perform the spiritual exercises that were expected of a seminarian , going to church every day, saying the rosary, visiting the blessed sacrament, spiritual reading.
Many priests and seminarians have always done this, and I hope this gives them the courage to know why and how they are both ‘sons and heirs’ of a true wisdom tradition.
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