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Theo Celso Garrido, nhà kinh tế học của [[Đại học Tự trị Quốc gia Mexico|Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México]], sự thống trị của các conglomerate của Carlos ngăn cản các công ty nhỏ hơn phát triển, dẫn đến thiếu việc làm có lương và buộc rất nhiều người Mexico phải đi tìm cuộc sống tốt hơn ở Mỹ.<ref>{{cite web|last=Porras|first=Andy|title=Mexico's wealthiest mogul spurs controversy|work=Hispanic Link|date=July 13, 2007|url=|accessdate=May 27, 2009}}</ref> Một báo cáo năm 2012 của OECD ước tính thiệt hại xã hội do các công ty độc quyền của Carlos gây ra khoảng 129 tỷ USD.<ref>{{Chú thích web|url =|title = OECD Review of Telecommunication Policy and Regulation in Mexico|date = 30 tháng 1 năm 2012}}</ref>
In response to the criticism, Slim has stated, "When you live for others' opinions, you are dead. I don't want to live thinking about how I'll be remembered" by Mexican people claiming indifference about his position on Forbes list of the world's richest people. He has said he has no interest in becoming the world's richest person. When asked to explain his sudden increase in wealth at a press conference soon after Forbes annual rankings were published, he said, "The stock market goes up&nbsp;... and down", and noted that his fortune could quickly drop.<ref name="Forbes"/>
Slim was criticized by the Dutch minister of economic affairs, [[Henk Kamp]], in 2013 for attempting to expand his telecom empire beyond the Americas by América Móvil's buy-out offer to [[KPN]], a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company privatized in the 1990s, by stating "an acquisition of KPN by a "foreign company" could have consequences for the Netherland's national security".<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Dutch Government Issues Warning on Takeover of Telecom Firm KPN By Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim|date=September 13, 2013|author=Dolia Estevez|accessdate=April 24, 2014}}</ref> Two years after Slim's failed bid to take over the company mainly due to political intervention and Slim's paucity of interest in purchasing the company, Slim's America Movil SAB began offering 2.25{{nbsp}}billion euros of [[convertible bond|bonds]] that can be converted into shares of Royal KPN NV. America Movil now controls a 21.1 percent stake of KPN with a market value of 3.1{{nbsp}}billion euros as of May 20, 2015. Slim has been slowly decreasing his holdings since he was forced to withdraw a 7.2 billion euro bid for the Dutch phone line carrier in 2013 after negotiations broke down and KPN's preference share foundation blocked the takeover attempt.<ref>{{cite web | url= | title=America Movil Moves to Cut KPN Stake With Convertible Bond | publisher=Bloomberg Business | accessdate=May 20, 2015 | author=Elco Van Groningen}}</ref>
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