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[[Image:Leona vicario.jpg|thumb|right|Leona Vicario de Quintana Roo]]
'''Leona Vicario''', alsocũng lessđược commonlyít knownngười asbiết đến là '''Leona Vicario de Quintana Roo''' (April 10, tháng 4 năm 1789 – August 24, tháng 8 năm 1842) was amột supporterủng ofhộ theviên của [[Mexicancuộc Warchiến ofgiành Independenceđộc lập cho Mexico]]. FromTừ hernơi residence incủa mình tại [[Mexico City]], she wascung ablecấp tothông providetin [[intelligencetình (information gathering)|intelligencebáo]] andvà tiền bạc moneycho tolực thelượng rebelnổi movementdậy.
==BiographyTiểu sử==
She marriedkết fellowhôn insurgentvới một người trong phe nổi dậy là [[Andrés Quintana Roo]]. TheyHọ aređược buriedchôn togethercạnh innhau thetại [[El Ángel|Independence Column]] in Mexico City. Leona Vicario wasđược namedđặt bytên abởi specialmột commissionhội orderedđồng byđặc thenbiệt Presidentbởi Tổng thống lúc đó là Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna as the "SweetNgười Mothermẹ ofdịu thehiền Fatherlandcủa đất tổ" (Benemerita y Dulcisima Madre de la Patria) invào Augusttháng 18428 onlynăm days after her death1842, shechỉ wasvài buriedngày insau Mexicokhi City andmất, is theđược onlychôn civilian woman to have received a State Funeral. In February 2010, seven months beforetại Mexico celebrated its 200 years of independence, Mexican writer Carlos Pascual published the novel "La Insurgenta" and by a mix of historical facts and fictional event he tells the story of Leona Vicario as well as the story of many others who participatedCity in the warngười forphụ andnữ againstdân Mexicanthường independenceduy fromnhất theđược Spanishquốc Empiretang.
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[[Image:StatueLeonaVicario.JPG|thumb|200px|right|Statue of Leona Vicario located at a plaza on the corner of Republica de Brasil and Republica de Nicaragua in the [[Centro (Mexico City)|historic center]] of [[Mexico City]].]]
*[[Cuộc chiến giành độc lập cho Mexico]]
She became an orphan while very young and an uncle took her in. She met [[Andrés Quintana Roo]] and decided to collaborate in the independence movement. She served as a messenger, helped fugitives, sent money and medicines and helped in all she could.
She was arrested in 1813 for participating in the insurgency. When she was discovered, Leona was sent to prison and all of her belongings were confiscated. She was later freed by the insurgents and escaped to Michoacan to meet Andrés Quintana Roo, who later became her husband. In 1818, she was jailed again but received a pardon with the condition that she abandoned the movement. Vicario and her husband were under vigilance until the independence movement succeeded in 1821.
Her profile also appears on a version of the $5 Mexican coin, surrounded by the words "BICENTARIO DE LA INDEPENDENCIA," meaning "Bicentennial Anniversary of Independence."
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*[[Mexican War of Independence]]
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