Khác biệt giữa các bản “Tiếng Araona”

Đã lùi lại sửa đổi 23672914 của Thủy thủ Mặt Trăng (Thảo luận)
(Đã lùi lại sửa đổi 23672914 của Thủy thủ Mặt Trăng (Thảo luận))
Capachene và Machui có thể là phương ngữ của Araona hoặc [[Cavineña language|Cavineña]].
=== Recent History of the Araona and Cross-Cultural Contact ===
The Araona people and their language were long ignored in the written, European-based historical traditions, long after the [[European colonization of the Americas|Conquest of the Americas]] and what is now Bolivia. The first written historical mention of the Araona people and their language comes from the Franciscan missionaries Manuel Mancini and Fidel Codenach in the late 1800s, were unable to found any sort of mission in this area of the La Paz department because of the conditions on the ground. The Araona were the most populous ethnic group in the region of Colonia Nacional, and where one of the many indigenous groups who were displaced from their villages and used as slaves for the rubber industry at the end of the 19th century. Those who managed to survive and escape from servitude went on to establish themselves in various settlements in the area between the Manorimi and Monopare Rivers. In 1965, Protestant Evangelical activists and missionnaires from the Instituto de Lingüístico Verano created a permanent settlement and cooperated with the Araona communities to establish links with other indigenous groups.
==Chú thích==

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