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{{Infobox Writer
| name = Herman Melville
| image = Herman Melville 1860.jpg
| caption = Photograph of Herman Melville
| birth_date = [[1 tháng 8]], [[1819]]
| birth_place = [[Thành phố New York|New York City]], [[Thành phố New York|New York]], [[Hoa Kỳ]]
| influences = [[William Shakespeare|Shakespeare]], [[Milton]], [[The Bible]], [[Charles Brockden Brown|C. B. Brown]], [[Montaigne]], [[Camoens]], [[Richard Henry Dana|Dana]], [[Nathaniel Hawthorne|Hawthorne]], [[Thomas Browne]], [[Ralph Waldo Emerson|Emerson]], [[Henry David Thoreau|Thoreau]], [[Thomas Carlyle|Carlyle]], [[Washington Irving|Irving]], [[James Fenimore Cooper|Cooper]]
| influenced = [[Thomas Mann]], [[E. M. Forster]], [[D. H. Lawrence]], [[Albert Camus|Camus]], [[Jean-Pierre Melville]], [[Thomas Pynchon]], [[Cormac McCarthy]]
| genre = [[Travel literature|travelogue]], [[Captivity narrative]], [[Sea story]], [[Gothic Romanticism]], [[Allegory]], [[Tall tale]]
| movement = [[Romanticism]], [[Dark Romanticism]], and [[Skepticism]]; precursor to [[Modernist literature|Modernism]], precursor to [[absurdism]] và [[existentialism]]
* ''Battle Pieces and Aspects of the War'' (1866)
* ''Clarel|Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land'' (1876)
* ''John Marr and Other Sailors'' (1888) [ Online edition]
* ''Timoleon'' (1891) [ Online edition]
* ''Weeds and Wildings, and a Rose or Two'' (1924)