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==Vinh danh==
''Dòng suối trinh nữ'' is among Bergman's most controversial works due to its subject matter, and was not universally praised upon release. In a 1960 review, [[Bosley Crowther]] wrote, "Mr. Bergman has stocked it with scenes of brutality that, for sheer unrestrained realism, may leave one sickened and stunned. As much as they may contribute to the forcefulness of the theme, they tend to disturb the senses out of proportion to the dramatic good they do."<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=The Screen; Ingmar Bergman's Study in Brutality:'The Virgin Spring' in Premiere at Beekman Von Sydow Starred in Ulla Isaksson Script |last=Crowther |first=Bosley |publisher=''The New York Times'' |date=November 15, 1960 |accessdate=May 27, 2016}}</ref> In the following decades, however, ''Dòng suối trinh nữ'' grew in stature. The aggregation site ''They Shoot Pictures, Don't They'' has found it to be the 639th most acclaimed film ever made.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=TSPDT - 1,000 Greatest Films (Full List) |date=February 7, 2016 |accessdate=May 27, 2016}}</ref> [[Rotten Tomatoes]], a [[review aggregator]], also reports 94% approval among 16 surveyed critics, with an average rating of 8.1/10.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Jungfrukällan (The Virgin Spring) (1959)|work=[[Rotten Tomatoes]]|accessdate=2014-01-17}}</ref>
''Dòng suối trinh nữ'' won the following awards:
* [[Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film]] 1961<ref name="Oscars1961" />
* A Special Mention for Ingmar Bergman in the [[Cannes Film Festival]] 1960
* [[Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film]]-1961 (tie with ''[[La Vérité (film)|La Vérité]]'')
* [[Kinema Junpo Award]] for Best Foreign Language Film and Foreign Film Director (Ingmar Bergman)-1962
It was also nominated for the following categories:
* [[Golden Palm]] at the [[1960 Cannes Film Festival]]<ref name="">{{cite web |url= |title=Festival de Cannes: The Virgin Spring |accessdate=15 February 2009|}}</ref>
* Best Costume Design, Black & White- [[34th Academy Awards|1961 Academy Awards]]
==Tham khảo==
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