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*[[PSR J1903+0327]], a ~2.15 ms pulsar discovered to be in a highly eccentric [[binary star]] system with a sun-like star.<ref>Champion, David J. ''et al.'' "[ An Eccentric Binary Millisecond Pulsar in the Galactic Plane]." ''Science,'' 6 June 2008 Volume 320, Number 5881 (pages 1309-1312).</ref>
* A pulsar in the CTA 1 [[supernova]] remnant (4U 0000+72, in [[Cassiopeia (constellation)|Cassiopeia]]) was found by the [[Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope]] to emit pulsations only in gamma ray radiation, the first of its kind.<ref name=Atkinson>Atkinson, Nancy. "[ Fermi Telescope Makes First Big Discovery: Gamma Ray Pulsar]." ''Universe Today,'' 17 October 2008.</ref>
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