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* Millington, Barry (Ed.) (1992). The Wagner Compendium: A Guide to Wagner's Life and Music. Thames and Hudson Ltd., London. ISBN 0-02-871359-1
* [[Ernest Newman|Newman, Ernest]] 1933, ''The Life of Richard Wagner'', 4 vols. ISBN 978-0-685-14824-2 (the classic biography, superseded by newer research but still full of many valuable insights)
* Nicholson, Christopher 2007, "Richard and Adolf: Did Richard Wagner inciteinchú thích Adolf Hitler to commit the [[Holocaust]]?", Gefen Publishing House. ISBN 978-965-229-360-2
* Rose, Paul Lawrence, ''Wagner:Race and Revolution'', London 1996 ISBN 0-571-17888-X
* Runciman, J.F. 1913, ''Wagner'', [[Dự án Gutenberg|Project Gutenberg]] edition. here [http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/14441].

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