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*[ John Harrison and the Longitude Problem, at the National Maritime Museum site]
*[ PBS Nova Online: ''Lost at Sea, the Search for Longitude'']
*[ John 'Longitude' Harrison and musical tuning]
*[ Excerpt from: Time Restored: The Story of the Harrison Timekeepers and R.T. Gould, 'The Man who Knew (almost) Everything']
*[ UK Telegraph: 'Clock from 1776 just goes on and on']
*[ Andrew Johnson, ''Longitude pioneer was not a 'lone genius','' The Independent, 31 May 2009]
*[ Excellent accounting of John Harrison and his H1,H2,H3 Achievements]
*[ Harrison's precision pendulum-clock No. 2, 1727, on the BBC's "A History of the World" website]
*[ Leeds Museums and Galleries "Secret Life of Objects" blog, John Harrison's precision pendulum-clock No. 2]
*[ ''Booknotes'' interview with Dava Sobel on ''Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time'', January 17, 1999.]
*[ Account of John Harrison and his chronometer] at [[Cambridge Digital Library]]
*[ Building an Impossible Clock] Shayla Love, Jan 19, 2016, ''The Atlantic''
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