Khác biệt giữa các bản “UEFA Champions League 2006–07”

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Các đội bị loại ở vòng sơ loại thứ ba được chuyển xuống đấu ở vòng một [[Cúp UEFA 2006-07|Cúp UEFA]].
<sup>1</sup> This club qualified for this season's UEFA competitions as a member of the Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro during the 2005–06 season but is currently a member of the [[Football Association of Serbia]] which is the official successor of the previous football association.<ref>{{cite news |author=Aleksandar Bošković |title=Farewell to Yugoslavia |url= |work=Magazine | |date=[[2006-06-30]] |accessdate=2007-12-21 }}</ref>
<sup>2</sup> Due to the [[2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict|armed conflict]] going on in Israel, UEFA decided that no European matches could be staged in the country until further notice.<ref>{{cite news |title=UEFA decision on Israel |url= | |date=[[2006-08-07]] |accessdate=2006-08-08 }}</ref> The match was played at [[Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium]] in [[Kiev]], [[Ukraine]].<ref>{{cite news |title=Liverpool to play Haifa in Kiev |url= |publisher=BBC Sport |date=[[2006-08-14]] |accessdate=2006-08-08 }}</ref>
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