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{{Infobox Former Country
|native_name = ''{{lang|it|Regno delle Due Sicilie}}'' <small>([[Italian language|it]])</small><br />''{{lang|nap|Regno d’’e Doje Sicilie}}'' <small>([[Neapolitan language|nap]])</small><br />''{{lang|scn|Regnu dî Dui Sicili}}'' <small>([[Sicilian language|scn]])</small>
|conventional_long_name = Vương quốc Hai Sicilia
|common_name = Hai Sicilia
|capital = Napoli
|national_motto =
|national_anthem = ''[[Inno al Re]]''<br /><small>''(Hymn to the King)''</small>
|common_languages = [[Tiếng Ý]] (chính thức),<br />[[Tiếng Sicilia]], [[Tiếng Neapolit]]
|religion = Roman Catholic
|currency = Two Sicilies piastra
== Liên kết ==
=== Cultural ===
* {{it icon}} [ Brigantino - Il portale del Sud], a massive Italian-language site dedicated to the history, culture and arts of southern Italy.
* {{it icon}} [ Casa Editoriale Il Giglio], an Italian publisher that focuses on history, culture and the arts in the Two Sicilies.
* {{it icon}} {{en icon}} [ Bookshop Neapolis], a bookshop located in the heart of the historical center of Naples, specializing in the history and culture of Naples and southern Italy. Mainly in Italian.
* {{it icon}} [ La Voce di Megaride], a website by Marina Salvadore dedicated to Napoli and Southern Italy.
* {{it icon}} [ Associazione culturale "Amici di Angelo Manna"], dedicated to the work of <!--?: volcanic--> Angelo Manna, historian, poet and deputy.
* {{it icon}} [ Fora! The e-journal of Nicola Zitara], professor; includes many articles about southern Italy's culture and history.
* [ Regalis], a website on Italian dynastic history, with sections on the House of the Two Sicilies.
=== Neo-Bourbon ===
* {{it icon}} {{en icon}} [ Associazione culturale neoborbonica], a southern Italian "neo-Bourbonist" site making a case for a positive view of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Mostly in Italian.
* {{it icon}} [ Edoardo Spagnuolo], including many historical documents about the rebellions against invasion in 1860, with particular interest in the region of Irpinia.
=== Royal house ===
* {{it icon}} {{en icon}} [ The Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Head HRH Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria]
* {{it icon}} {{en icon}} {{fr icon}} {{es icon}} [ The Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Head HRH Carlo, Duke of Castro]
[[Thể loại:Lịch sử Ý]]
[[ar:مملكة الصقليتان]]
[[id:Kerajaan Dua Sisilia]]
[[bg:Кралство на двете Сицилии]]
[[ca:Regne de les Dues Sicílies]]
[[gl:Reino das Dúas Sicilias]]
[[ko:양시칠리아 왕국]]
[[id:Kerajaan Dua Sisilia]]
[[it:Regno delle Due Sicilie]]
[[he:ממלכת שתי הסיציליות]]
[[fi:Molempain Sisiliain kuningaskunta]]
[[sv:Bägge Sicilierna]]
[[tr:Sicilyateyn Kraliyeti]]
[[uk:Королівство Обох Сицилій]]

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