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'''Bari''' {{audio|It-Bari.ogg|<small>listen</small>}} ([[Bariphương dialectngữ]]: '''''Bàre'''''; fromtừ [[Latintiếng Latinh]]: ''Barium'') is thethành capitalphố citythủ ofphủ thecủa [[province oftỉnh Bari]] and of thevùng [[Apulia]] (or,trong intiếng [[ItalianÝ language|Italian]], ''Puglia'') [[region]], onnằm thecạnh [[Biển Adriatic Sea]], in [[ItalyÝ]]. It is thetrung secondtâm mostkinh importanttế economicquan centretrọng ofthứ mainlandhai [[Southerncủa Italy]]miền afternam [[Naples]],Ý and is well known as asau [[portNaples]] and [[university]]nổi city,tiếng as wellmột asthành thephố city of [[Saint Nicholas]]. The city itself has a decreasing population of about 320,000, as of 2009, over 116&nbsp;km², while the fast-growing urban area counts 653,028 inhabitants over 203&nbsp;km². Another 500,000 people live in the [[metropolitan area]]cảng.
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