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[[Giải Grammy Award]] cho '''Hợp tác giọng pop xuất sắc nhất''' được bắt đầu trao vào năm 1995. Celine Dion là nghệ sĩ duy nhất được 4 đề cử liên tiếp trong năm
**'''[[Robert Plant]] & [[Alison Krauss]] for "[[Rich Woman]]"'''
**[[Alicia Keys]] & [[John Mayer]] - "Lesson Learned"
**[[Madonna (entertainer)|Madonna]], [[Justin Timberlake]] & [[Timbaland]] - "[[4 Minutes (Madonnabài songhát của Madonna)|4 Minutes]]"
**[[Maroon 5]] & [[Rihanna]] - "[[If I Never See Your Face Again]]"
**[[Jordin Sparks]] & [[Chris Brown (American singer)|Chris Brown]] - "[[No Air]]"
**[[Tony Bennett]] & [[Christina Aguilera]] - "Steppin' Out"
**[[Gwen Stefani]] & [[Akon]] - "[[The Sweet Escape]]"
**[[Timbaland]], [[Nelly Furtado]] & [[Justin Timberlake]] - "[[Give It to Me (Timbalandbài songhát của Timbaland)|Give It to Me]]"
*[[Grammy Awards of 2007]]
**'''[[Tony Bennett]] & [[Stevie Wonder]] for "[[For Once in My Life]]"'''
**[[Pink (musician)|Pink]] & [[William Orbit]] - "[[Feel Good Time]]"
*[[Grammy Awards of 2003]]
**'''[[Carlos Santana|Santana]] & [[Michelle Branch]] for "[[The Game of Love (Santanabài songhát của Santana)|The Game of Love]]"'''
**[[Christina Aguilera]] & [[Redman (rapper)|Redman]] - "[[Dirrty]]"
**[[India.Arie]] & [[Stevie Wonder]] - "[[The Christmas Song]]"
**[[Sheryl Crow]] & [[Don Henley]] - "[[It's So Easy]]"
*[[Grammy Awards of 2002]]
**'''[[Christina Aguilera]], [[Lil' Kim]], [[Mya (singerca sĩ)|Mya]] & [[Pink (musician)|Pink]] for "[[Lady Marmalade (2001bài songhát của 2001)|Lady Marmalade]]"'''
**[[Christina Aguilera]] & [[Ricky Martin]] - "[[Nobody Wants To Be Lonely]]"
**[[Tony Bennett]] & [[Billy Joel]] - "New York State Of Mind"
*[[Grammy Awards of 2001]]
**'''[[B. B. King]] & [[Dr. John]] for "Is You Is, or Is You Ain't (My Baby)"'''
**[[Mariah Carey]], [[98 Degrees]] & [[Joe (singerca sĩ)|Joe]] - "[[Thank God I Found You]]"
**[[Sheryl Crow]] & [[Sarah McLachlan]] - "[[The Difficult Kind]]"
**[[Celine Dion]] & [[Frank Sinatra]] - "[[All the Way (songbài hát)|All the Way]]"
**[[Lauryn Hill]] & [[Bob Marley]] - "[[Turn Your Lights Down Low]]"
*[[Grammy Awards of 2000]]
**'''[[Rob Thomas (musician)|Rob Thomas]] & [[Carlos Santana|Santana]] for "[[Smooth (songbài hát)|Smooth]]"'''
**[[Andrea Bocelli]] & [[Celine Dion]] - "[[The Prayer (Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli song)|The Prayer]]"
**[[Whitney Houston]] & [[Mariah Carey]] - "[[When You Believe]]"
**'''[[Burt Bacharach]] & [[Elvis Costello]] for "I Still Have That Other Girl"'''
**[[Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds|Babyface]] & [[Stevie Wonder]] - "[[How Come How Long]]"
**[[Jackson Browne]] & [[Bonnie Raitt]] - "[[Kisses Sweeter than Wine (songbài hát)|Kisses Sweeter than Wine]]"
**[[R. Kelly]] & [[Celine Dion]] - "[[I'm Your Angel]]"
**[[Van Morrison]] & [[The Chieftains]] - "[[Oh Shenandoah|Shenandoah]]"
**'''[[Natalie Cole]] & [[Nat King Cole]] for "[[When I Fall in Love]]"'''
**[[Burt Bacharach]] & [[Elvis Costello]] - "[[God Give Me Strength]]"
**[[Brandy]], [[Tamia]], [[Gladys Knight]] & [[Chaka Khan]] - "[[Missing You (1996bài songhát của 1996)|Missing You]]"
**[[Whitney Houston]] & [[CeCe Winans]] - "Count On Me"
**[[Frank Sinatra]] & [[Luciano Pavarotti]] - "[[My Way (songbài hát)|My Way]]"
**[[Sting (musician)|Sting]], [[John McLaughlin (musician)|John McLaughlin]], [[Dominic Miller]] & [[Vinnie Colaiuta]] - "[[The Wind Cries Mary]]"
*[[Grammy Awards of 1996]]
*[[Grammy Awards of 1995]]
**'''[[Al Green]] & [[Lyle Lovett]] for "Funny How Time Slips Away"'''
**[[Bryan Adams]], [[Rod Stewart]] & [[Sting (musician)|Sting]] - "[[All for Love (songbài hát)|All for Love]]"
**[[Tony Bennett]] & [[k.d. lang]] - "[[Moonglow (songbài hát)|Moonglow]]"
**[[John Mellencamp]] & [[Me'Shell NdegéOcello]] - "[[Wild Night]]"
**[[Luther Vandross]] & [[Mariah Carey]] - "[[Endless Love (songbài hát)|Endless Love]]"
==Category Facts==
| Artist
| [[Van Morrison]]<br>[[Alison Krauss]]<br>[[Carlos Santana]]<br>[[Robert Plant]]
| [[Mya (singerca sĩ)|Mya]]<br>[[Christina Aguilera]]<br>[[Al Green]]<br>[[Lyle Lovett]]<br>[[Lil' Kim]]<br>[[Michelle Branch]]<br>[[Tony Bennett]]<br>[[Stevie Wonder]]<br>[[Lil' Kim]]<br>[[Pink]]<br>[[De La Soul]]<br>[[Gorillaz]]<br>[[Norah Jones]]<br>[[Sting (singerca sĩ)|Sting]]<br>[[Mary J. Blige]]<br>[[Rob Thomas (musician)|Rob Thomas]]<br>[[B.B. King]]
| Total Wins
| Artist
| [[Christina Aguilera]]<br>[[Stevie Wonder]]
| [[Justin Timberlake]]<br>[[Tony Bennett]]<br>[[Sting (singerca sĩ)|Sting]]<br>[[Mariah Carey]]<br>[[Celine Dion]]
| [[Norah Jones]]<br>[[Timbaland]]<br>[[Sheryl Crow]]<br>[[k.d. Lang]]<br>[[Santana (band)|Santana]]<br>[[Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds|Babyface]]<br>[[Van Morrison]]
| [[Colbie Caillat]]<br>[[Shakira]]<br>[[Robert Plant]]<br>[[Alison Krauss]]<br>[[Nelly Furtado]]<br>[[Mary J. Blige]]<br>[[India.Arie]]<br>[[Ray Charles]]<br>[[Pink]]<br>[[Natalie Cole]]<br>[[Whitney Houston]]<br>[[Elvis Costello]]<br>[[Burt Bacharach]]<br>[[Barbra Streisand]]<br>[[Bryan Adams]]<br>[[Frank Sinatra]]
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