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|conflict=Trận Bull Run thứ nhì
|partof=[[Nội chiến Hoa Kỳ]]
|image=[[ImageTập tin:bull_run_bridge_1862.jpg|300px]]
|caption=Cầu Stone Bridge đổ nát tại Bull Run Creek, 1862.
|date=[[28 tháng 8]] &ndash; [[30 tháng 8]], [[1862]]<ref name=dates>The [ National Park Service] has established these dates for the battle. The references by Greene, Hennessy, Salmon, and Kennedy, whose works are closely aligned with the NPS, adopt these dates as well. However, all of the other references to this article specify that the action on [[August 28]] was a prelude to, but separate from, the Second Battle of Bull Run. Some of these authors name the action on [[August 28]] the '''Battle of Groveton''' or '''Brawner's Farm'''.</ref>

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