Khác biệt giữa các bản “Quần đảo Chim Cánh Cụt”

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The '''PenguinQuần đảo Chim cánh Islandscụt''' ({{lang-af|Pikkewyn-eilande}}, {{lang-de|Pinguininseln}}) are a [[historical region|historical group]] of mostly scattered islands and rocks situated along a stretch of {{convert|355|km|0|abbr=out}} along the coastline of [[Namibia]]. Not forming a geographic whole, the Namibian government formally lists them as the ''Off-Shore islands''. Their name comes from the presence of [[African penguins]] which inhabit the coastal region surrounding Namibia and [[South Africa]].
==GeographyĐịa lý==
The islands are scattered over a long coastal region. Although a few of them form small clusters or groups, such as the islands in [[Lüderitz Bay]], the Penguin Islands lack the mutual proximity of a natural archipelago or island chain.