Khác biệt giữa các bản “Virus học”

==Lịch sử ngành virus học==
[[File:Adolf Mayer 1875.jpg|thumb|upright|180px|[[Adolf Mayer]] năm 1875]]
[[File:Edward Jenner. Oil painting. Wellcome V0023503.jpg|thumb|upright|180px|[[Edward Jenner]]]]
[[File:Dmitry_Iosifovich_Ivanovsky.jpg|thumb|upright|180px|[[Dmitri Ivanovsky]]]]
[[File:Mwb in lab.JPG|thumb|upright|180px|alt=An old, bespectacled man wearing a suit and sitting at a bench by a large window. The bench is covered with small bottles and test tubes. On the wall behind him is a large old-fashioned clock below frick u which are four small enclosed shelves on which sit many neatly labelled bottles.|[[Martinus Beijerinck]] trong phòng thí nghiệm của ông vào năm 1921.]]