Khác biệt giữa các bản “Platon”

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* {{Chú thích sách | author=Durant, Will | title=The Story of Philosophy | publisher=Simon & Schuster | year=1926 | isbn=0-671-69500-2}}
* [[Jacques Derrida|Derrida, Jacques]] (1972). ''La dissémination'', Paris: Seuil. (esp. cap.: ''La Pharmacie de Platon'', 69-199) ISBN 2-02-001958-2
* {{Chú thích sách|author=Field, G.C. (Guy Cromwell)|title=The Philosophy of Plato|edition=2nd ed. with an appendix by R. C. Cross.|location=LondonLuân Đôn|publisher=Oxford University Press|year=1969|isbn=0198880405}}
* Fine, Gail (2000). ''Plato 1: Metaphysics and Epistemology'' Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN 0-19-875206-7
* {{Chú thích sách|author=Garvey, James |title=Twenty Greatest Philosophy Books |publisher=Continuum |year=2006, |isbn=0826490530}}
* {{Chú thích sách | author=Hamilton, Edith & Cairns, Huntington (Eds.) | title=The Collected Dialogues of Plato, Including the Letters | publisher=Princeton Univ. Press | year=1961 | isbn=0-691-09718-6}}
* Irwin, Terence (1995). ''Plato's Ethics'', Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN 0-19-508645-7
* {{Chú thích sách | author=Jackson, Roy | title=Plato: A Beginner's Guide | location=LondonLuân Đôn | publisher=Hoder & Stroughton | year=2001 | isbn=0-340-80385-1}}
* {{Chú thích sách | author=Kochin, Michael S. | title=Gender and Rhetoric in Plato’s Political Thought | publisher=Cambridge Univ. Press | year=2002 | isbn=0-521-80852-9}}
* {{Chú thích sách | author=Kraut, Richard (Ed.) | title=The Cambridge Companion to Plato | publisher=Cambridge University Press | year=1993 | isbn=0-521-43610-9}}
* {{Chú thích sách | author=Krämer, Hans Joachim | title=[ Plato and the Foundations of Metaphysics] | publisher=SUNY Press | year=1990 | isbn=0-791-40433-1}}
* [[Suzanne Lilar|Lilar, Suzanne]] (1954), Journal de l'analogiste, Paris, Éditions Julliard; Reedited 1979, Paris, Grasset. Foreword by [[Julien Gracq]]
* [[Suzanne Lilar|Lilar, Suzanne]] (1963), ''Le couple'', Paris, Grasset. Translated as ''Aspects of Love in Western Society'' in 1965, with a foreword by Jonathan Griffin LondonLuân Đôn, Thames and Hudson.
* [[Suzanne Lilar|Lilar, Suzanne]] (1967) ''A propos de Sartre et de l'amour '', Paris, Grasset.
* {{Chú thích sách | author=Lundberg, Phillip | title=Tallyho - The Hunt for Virtue: Beauty,Truth and Goodness Nine Dialogues by Plato: Pheadrus, Lysis, Protagoras, Charmides, Parmenides, Gorgias, Theaetetus, Meno & Sophist | publisher=Authorhouse | year=2005 | isbn=1-4184-4977-6}}