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Palo Alto chia sẻ biên giới với East Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Đồi Los Altos, Stanford, Thung lũng Portola và Công viên [[Menlo]]. Nó được đặt tên theo một cây gỗ đỏ gọi là [[El Palo Alto]]
== Khí hậu ==
Typical of the [[San Francisco Bay Area]], Palo Alto has a [[Mediterranean climate]] with cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Typically, in the warmer months, as the sun goes down, the fog bank flows over the foothills to the west and covers the night sky, thus creating a blanket that helps trap the summer warmth absorbed during the day. Even so, it is rare for the overnight low temperature to exceed {{convert|60|°F|°C|abbr=on}}.
[[Tập tin:thefogcomingin.jpg|thumb|Fog from the Pacific rolling over the Foothills]]
In January, average temperatures range from {{convert|38.5|°F|°C|abbr=on}} to {{convert|57.4|°F|°C|abbr=on}}. In July, average temperatures range from {{convert|54.9|°F|°C|abbr=on}} to {{convert|78.4|°F|°C|abbr=on}}. The record high temperature was {{convert|107|°F|°C|abbr=on}} on ngày 15 tháng 6 năm 1961, and the record low temperature was {{convert|15|°F|°C|abbr=on}} on ngày 17 tháng 11 năm 2003. Temperatures reach {{convert|90|°F|0|abbr=on}} or higher on an average of 9.9 days. Temperatures drop to {{convert|32|°F|0|abbr=on}} or lower on an average of 16.1 days.
Due to the [[Santa Cruz Mountains]] to the west, there is a "[[rain shadow]]" in Palo Alto, resulting in an average annual rainfall of only {{convert|15.32|in|mm}}. Measurable rainfall occurs on an average of 57 days annually. The wettest year on record was 1983 with {{convert|32.51|in|mm}} and the driest year was 1976 with {{convert|7.34|in|mm}}. The most rainfall in one month was {{convert|12.43|in|mm}} in February 1998 and the most rainfall in one day was {{convert|3.75|in|mm}} on ngày 3 tháng 2 năm 1998. Measurable snowfall is very rare in Palo Alto, but {{convert|1.5|in|mm}} fell on ngày 21 tháng 1 năm 1962.<ref>{{chú thích web|url=|title=Central California|}}</ref>
{{Weather box
|location = Palo Alto (1981–2010 normals)
|single line = Y
|Jan high F = 58.4
|Feb high F = 61.6
|Mar high F = 65.7
|Apr high F = 69.7
|May high F = 74.3
|Jun high F = 78.4
|Jul high F = 79.6
|Aug high F = 79.4
|Sep high F = 79.5
|Oct high F = 74.0
|Nov high F = 64.8
|Dec high F = 58.3
|year high F =70.3
|Jan low F = 38.5
|Feb low F = 40.6
|Mar low F = 43.1
|Apr low F = 44.7
|May low F = 48.7
|Jun low F = 52.4
|Jul low F = 55.1
|Aug low F = 54.9
|Sep low F = 52.5
|Oct low F = 48.1
|Nov low F = 42.4
|Dec low F = 38.0
|year low F =46.6
|precipitation colour = green
|Jan precipitation inch = 3.06
|Feb precipitation inch = 3.31
|Mar precipitation inch = 2.49
|Apr precipitation inch = 0.98
|May precipitation inch = 0.48
|Jun precipitation inch = 0.09
|Jul precipitation inch = 0
|Aug precipitation inch = 0.03
|Sep precipitation inch = 0.15
|Oct precipitation inch = 0.76
|Nov precipitation inch = 1.96
|Dec precipitation inch = 2.95
|source 1 = <ref>[ PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – Climate Summary]. Truy cập ngày 21 tháng 7 năm 2013
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