Khác biệt giữa bản sửa đổi của “A Star Is Born (phim 1937)”

ThePhiên filmbản wonnăm the1976 thắng [[Academy Awards|AcademyGiải AwardOscar]] forcho [[Academy Award for Best Original Song|BestBài Originalhát Songhay nhất]] forvới ca khúc "Evergreen", withngười theđược awardvinh shareddanh by its songwriters, Streisand and [[Paul Williams (songwriter)|Paul Williams]], andcùng wascác alsođề nominatedcử incho thequay categories of [[Academy Award for Best Cinematography|Best Cinematography]]phim ([[Robert Surtees (cinematographer)|Robert Surtees]]), [[Academyâm Award for Sound|Best Sound]]thanh ([[Robert Knudson]], [[Dan Wallin]], [[Robert Glass (sound engineer)|Robert Glass]] and [[Tom Overton]]) and [[Academyhòa Award for Best Original Musical|Original Song Score]]âm ([[Roger Kellaway]]) xuất sắc nhất.<ref name="Oscars1977">{{cite web|url= |title=The 49th Academy Awards (1977) Nominees and Winners |accessdate=October 3, 2011|}}</ref>
ItPhim wonthắng fivenăm [[Goldengiải Globes|GoldenQua GlobeCầu Awards]]Vàng fortrong [[Goldenbảng Globeđề Award for Bestcử Motionca Picturenhạc - Musicalhài orkịch Comedy|Bestbao Motiongồm PicturePhim hay Musical or Comedy]]nhất, [[GoldenNam Globe Awardnữa forchính Bestxuất Actresssắc - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy|Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy]]nhất (Streisand), [[Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy|Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy]] (Kristofferson), [[Goldenhòa Globeâm Awardxuất forsắc Best Original Score|Best Original Score]] (Paul Williams and [[Kenny Ascher]]) and [[Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song|BestBài Originalhát Song]],trong (Streisandphim andxuất Williamssắc fornhất]] ("Evergreen").<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Winners and Nomines:1977|accessdate=January 30, 2017|work= Hollywood Foreign Press Association}}</ref>
The film's music score and theme song also won [[ASCAP|ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards for Most Performed Feature Film Standards]] and nominated [[BAFTA Awards]] for Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music
and Best Sound Track, [[Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media|Grammy Award for Best Album of Original Score written for a Motion Picture or Television Special]]
**Phần nhạc phim và bài hát chủ đề cũng thắng giải "[[EvergreenASCAP]] (Love Themeđược fromđề Acử Stargiải Is[[BAFTA Born)Awards|BAFTA]] và [[giải Grammy]]. Viện phim Mỹ cũng công nhận ca khúc Evergreen (Lovevào Themedanh fromsách [[AFI''As Star100 IsYears...100 Born'')Songs]]" với thứ hạng #16 năm 2004.<ref>{{cite web|last= |first= |title=AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs |url= |publisher=[[American Film Institute]] |date= |accessdate=August 5, 2016}}</ref>
In the two previous versions, Gaynor and Garland were each depicted on screen as winning an Oscar, yet neither won for their film in real life (though Gaynor had won an Oscar before, as had Streisand). In this film, Streisand is instead depicted as winning a Grammy, and in real life the film's song "Evergreen" won her both a Grammy (for [[Grammy Award for Song of the Year|Song of the Year]]) and an Oscar.
According to at least one Streisand biography{{Vague|date=June 2012}}, unhappy with a few of Frank Pierson's scenes, Streisand later directed them herself (a claim also made for 1979's ''[[The Main Event (1979 film)|The Main Event]]''), adding to the rumors that she and Pierson clashed constantly during production.
The film is recognized by [[American Film Institute]] in these lists:
* 2004: [[AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs]]:
** "[[Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)|Evergreen (Love Theme from ''A Star Is Born'')]]" – #16<ref>{{cite web|last= |first= |title=AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs |url= |publisher=[[American Film Institute]] |date= |accessdate=August 5, 2016}}</ref>
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