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| area_footnotes = <ref name="apcrda">{{cite web|title=Declaration of A.P. Capital City Area–Revised orders|url=|website=Andhra Nation|publisher=Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department|accessdate=21 February 2016|format=PDF|date=22 September 2015}}</ref>
| area_total_km2area_total_km² = 217.23
| area_metro_footnotes = <ref name="metro">{{cite news|last1=Subba Rao|first1=GVR|title=Capital region expands as CRDA redraws boundaries|url=|accessdate=31 October 2015|work=The Hindu|date=23 September 2015|location=Vijayawada}}</ref>
| area_metro_km2area_metro_km² = 8352.69
| population_total = 103000
| population_as_of = 2011
'''Amaravati''' là một thành phố thủ phủ trên thực tế (''de facto'') của bang [[Andhra Pradesh]], [[Ấn Độ]].<ref>{{cite news|last1=Akbar|first1=Syed|title=Amaravati as official capital will boost Andhra Pradesh's image – Times of India|url=|accessdate=1 May 2017|work=The Times of India|date=8 Aug 2016}}</ref>
<!-- The planned city is located on the southern banks of the [[Krishna river]] in [[Guntur district]], within the [[Andhra Pradesh Capital Region]].<ref name="apcrda">{{citeChú thích web|titletiêu đề=Declaration of A.P. Capital City Area–Revised orders|url=|website=Andhra Nation|publishernhà xuất bản=Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department|accessdatengày truy cập=21 February 2016|format=PDF|datengày=22 September 2015}}</ref><ref>{{citeChú thích web|titletiêu đề=Naming of the Residuary Andhra Pradesh State Capital as "AMARAVATI"|url=|website=Andhra Nation|publishernhà xuất bản=Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department|accessdatengày truy cập=1 May 2016|format=PDF|datengày=23 April 2015}}</ref><ref>{{citeChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Amaravati: A capital idea, but how feasible?}}</ref> The word "Amaravati" derives its name from the historical [[Amaravathi (village), Guntur district|Amaravathi Temple town]], the ancient capital of the Telugu Rulers of the [[Satavahana dynasty]].<ref name="auto">{{cite news|url=|title=After 18 centuries, Amaravati set to become a 'capital' again|date=22 October 2015|newspaper=The Times of India}}</ref> The [[cornerstone|foundation stone]] was laid on 22 October 2015, at [[Uddandarayunipalem]] area by the [[Prime Minister of India|Prime Minister]], [[Narendra Modi]].<ref name="foundation">{{citation|url=|title=Thousands descend on Andhra village Uddandarayunipalem to watch history in making |newspaper=Economic Times|date=22 October 2015 }}</ref> The metropolitan area of [[Guntur]] and [[Vijayawada]] are the major [[conurbation]]s of Amaravati.<ref>{{citeChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Explained: Why Amaravati has been chosen as the new Andhra Pradesh capital|datengày=21 October 2015|work=The Indian Express}}</ref>
== Etymology ==
== History ==
[[File:Model of an Amaravathi King at ASI Museum, Amaravathi.jpg|250px|thumb|left|Stone carvings of Amaravathi Kings]]
The present capital area has its own historical significance of having recorded its first ever legislation 2,200 years ago.<ref>{{cite news|title=After 2,200 years, Amaravati gets back its legislation power – Times of India|url=|accessdate=1 May 2017|work=The Times of India}}</ref> As per the [[Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014|Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act (2014)]], [[Hyderabad]] became the capital of the then newly formed state of [[Telangana]], post bifurcation of [[Andhra Pradesh]]. However, Hyderabad would remain as the joint capital of both states for a period of time not exceeding ten years. Hence, Amaravati is thus being built to serve as the capital of Andhra Pradesh.<ref>{{citeChú thích web |titletiêu đề=The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 |url=|website=AP Reorganisation Portal|publishernhà xuất bản=The Gazette of India Extraordinary|accessdatengày truy cập=9 February 2015 |location=New Delhi|format=PDF|datengày=1 March 2014}}</ref>
=== Foundation ===
The foundation for the city was laid at [[Uddandarayunipalem]] on 22 October 2015. The [[Prime Minister of India]], [[Narendra Modi]]; the [[Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh]], [[N. Chandrababu Naidu]]; the [[Chief Minister of Telangana]], [[Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao]]; the [[Japan]]ese minister for economy trade and industry, [[Yosuke Takagi]]; and the [[Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore)|Singaporean Minister for Trade and Industry]], [[S. Iswaran]] laid the foundation for the city.<ref name="foundation" /><ref>{{citeChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Andhra CM scales down Amaravathi foundation fete}}</ref>
The region was once ruled by [[Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu|Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu]], who was the first king to have built a planned city in southern India.<ref name="founder">{{cite news|title=This Raja knows how to hold the fort – Times of India|url=|work=The Times of India}}</ref>
=== De facto state capital ===
As of October 2016, the majority of departments and officials of the Andhra Pradesh State Government are now functioning from [[Andhra Pradesh Secretariat|interim facilities]] located in the [[Velagapudi]] area of Amaravati, with only a skeleton staff remaining behind in Hyderabad.<ref>{{citeChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Andhra Pradesh Secretariat starts functioning from interim government complex at Amaravati – Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis|datengày=3 October 2016|publishernhà xuất bản=}}</ref> The [[Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh]], N Chandrababu Naidu began working from Velagapudi in April 2016. The [[Andhra Pradesh Legislature]] remained in Hyderbad until March 2017, when it relocated to newly constructed interim legislative buildings in Velagapudi.<ref></ref>
== Geography ==
=== Administration ===
Amaravati is an ''Urban Notified Area'' and its urban development and planning activities are undertaken by the ''Amaravati Development Corporation Limited''<ref>{{citeChú thích web|titletiêu đề=ADCL :: Amaravati Development Corporation Ltd.|url=||accessdatengày truy cập=6 August 2017|languagengôn ngữ=en}}</ref> and [[Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority]] (APCRDA).<ref>{{cite news|title=New Andhra capital Amaravati to compete for Smart City tag|url=|accessdate=6 June 2016|work=The New Indian Express|date=25 May 2016}}</ref> The [[Andhra Pradesh Secretariat]] at [[Velagapudi]] is the administrative block for the employees of the state government.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=CM inaugurates AP’s interim secretariat|date=26 April 2016|newspaper=The Hindu|language=en-IN|issn=0971-751X|access-date=14 May 2016}}</ref>
=== Jurisdiction ===
The APCRDA has its jurisdiction over the city and its the [[conurbation]] covering ''Andhra Pradesh Capital Region''.<ref>{{cite news|title=AP Capital Region Development Authority comes into being|url=|accessdate=6 January 2015|work=The Hindu|date=31 December 2014|location=Hyderabad}}</ref> The capital city is spread over an area of {{Convert|217.23|km2km²|abbr=on}},<ref>{{citeChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=How Andhra Pradesh plans to make its new capital Amaravati a world-class city}}</ref> and will comprise villages (including some [[hamlet (place)|hamlets]]) from three [[mandal]]s viz., [[Mangalagiri mandal|Mangalagiri]], [[Thullur mandal|Thullur]] and [[Tadepalle mandal, Guntur district|Tadepalle]].<ref name="crda">{{citeChú thích web|titletiêu đề=A.P. Capital Region|url=|website=APCRDA|publishernhà xuất bản=Government of Andhra Pradesh|accessdatengày truy cập=1 September 2016|page=15|format=PDF}}</ref> While, the seed capital is spread over an area of {{Convert|16.94|km2km²|mi2|abbr=on}}.<ref>{{citeChú thích web|titletiêu đề=Economic Development Board Andhra Pradesh – Amaravati – The People's Capital|url=||accessdatengày truy cập=3 May 2017}}</ref>
The table below lists the denotified villages and hamlets under their respective [[mandals]], which became a part of the capital city.<ref name="apcrda" />
== Economy ==
[[Mangalagiri Sarees and Fabrics]] produced in [[Mangalagiri mandal]],<ref>{{cite news|title=Geographical Indication|url=|accessdate=15 May 2017|work=The Hans India|date=23 January 2016}}</ref> a part of the state capital, were registered as one of the [[geographical indications]] from Andhra Pradesh.<ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Mangalagiri Cotton Saree {{!}} Textiles Committee (Ministry of Textiles, Government of India)||access-date=2017-02-24}}</ref> [[HCL Technologies]], an [[Information technology|IT firm]] would set up one of its centres in Amaravati.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=HCL to set up IT centres in Amaravati, Vijayawada|work=The New Indian Express|access-date=2017-04-03}}</ref><ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=HCL to set up IT centres in Amaravati, Vijayawada.|datengày=2017-03-31|website=-Avenue Realty|access-date=2017-04-03}}</ref>
Pi Data Centre, 4th largest of its kind in Asia, with an investment of {{INRConvert|600|c}} and Pi Care Services, a healthcare BPO were inaugurated at Mangalagiri IT park.<ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=apit-gov-information-technology-communications-department-government-of-ap||access-date=2017-08-16}}</ref><ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Southeast Asia’s One of The Largest Data Centre Is Now in Andhra Pradesh|last=Gagan||languagengôn ngữ=en-gb|access-date=2017-08-16}}</ref> BRS Medicity with an investment of $1.8 billion to come up in Amaravati<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=CM lays foundation stone for $1.8-bn BRS Medicity - Times of India|work=The Times of India|access-date=2017-08-16}}</ref><ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=BRS Medicity Amaravati|last=|first=|datengày=|website=|archive-url=|archive-date=|dead-url=|access-date=16 August 2017}}</ref>
== Education ==
[[SRM University]], AP and [[VIT University|Vellore Institute of Technology]] (VIT-AP) had already begun the classes in their respective campus in Amaravati.<ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=SRM University, AP - Amaravati|website=SRM University, AP - Amaravati|languagengôn ngữ=en-US|access-date=2017-08-16}}</ref><ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Home {{!}} VIT-AP University||languagengôn ngữ=en|access-date=2017-08-16}}</ref> [[Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham|Amrita University]], [[Amity University|Amity]] and Indo-UK Institute of Health (IUIH) in collaboration with the [[King's College London|King’s College, London]] are among the others to set up their campus.<ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Amity, SRM, VIT get nod to set up campuses in Andhra Pradesh {{!}} Press Room||languagengôn ngữ=en|access-date=2017-02-27}}</ref><ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Amity University to set up campus in Amaravati {{!}} AP State Portal||access-date=2017-02-27}}</ref><ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=Amrita University to Set Up Medical University at Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh {{!}} Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita University)||languagengôn ngữ=en|access-date=2017-02-27}}</ref><ref>{{CiteChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=IN THE PRESS {{!}} IUIH||languagengôn ngữ=en-US|access-date=2017-02-27}}</ref>
== Transport ==
=== Road ===
The buses operated by [[Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation|APSRTC]] from [[Pandit Nehru Bus Station]] and [[NTR bus station]], connects the city with [[Vijayawada]] and [[Guntur]] respectively.<ref>{{cite news|title=Work at new Secretariat from June 27|url=|accessdate=3 May 2017|work=The Hans India|language=en}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|title=Facelift to Guntur bus stand|url=|accessdate=12 May 2017|page=2|format=PDF}}</ref> Two new depots, North and South of [[Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation|APSRTC]] are proposed to be constructed in the city.<ref>{{citeChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=APSRTC cuts losses by Rs. 116 crore}}</ref> [[Auto rickshaw]]s also operate for shorter distances in the capital city area.<ref>{{cite news|title=Thullur- Vijayawada waterway a welcome convenience|url=|accessdate=2 June 2017|work=The Hans India|language=en}}</ref> The [[Amaravati–Anantapur Expressway]], supported by [[Kurnool Feeder Road|Kurnool]] and [[Kadapa Feeder Road]]s is an ongoing greenfield [[Expressways in India|expressway]] project, which would provide faster road access from the districts of [[Anantapur district|Anantapur]], [[Guntur district|Guntur]], [[Kadapa district|Kadapa]], [[Kurnool district|Kurnool]] and [[Prakasam district|Prakasam]] to Amaravati.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=In a big infra boost, Centre to fund Rs 29,000 crore Andhra expressway – Times of India|work=The Times of India|accessdate=2 June 2017}}</ref><ref name="nh">{{citeChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=List of National Highways passing through A.P. State|website=Roads and Buildings Department|publishernhà xuất bản=Government of Andhra Pradesh|accessdatengày truy cập=11 February 2016}}</ref> The [[Amaravati seed capital road]] is an arterial road under construction to access the core capital area from [[National Highway 16 (India)|National Highway 16]].<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=AP CM to take part in Iftar party|date=22 June 2016|work=The Hans India|accessdate=29 June 2016}}</ref> The ''Vijayawada-Amaravati'' road connects the city with Vijayawada.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Four-lane road to Andhra Pradesh new capital soon|date=6 August 2015|work=The Hindu|accessdate=4 June 2016|location=Guntur}}</ref>
=== Railway ===
A proposed Amaravati highspeed circular railway line would connect the city with the nearby cities of [[Vijayawada]], [[Guntur]] and [[Tenali]],<ref>{{citeChú thích web|url=|titletiêu đề=DPR being prepared for high-speed train to Amaravati|accessdatengày truy cập=15 May 2017}}</ref> extending up to a length of {{Convert|105|km|abbr=on}} with an estimated cost of {{INRConvert|10000|c}}.<ref>{{cite news|last1=Reporter|first1=Staff|title=Circular rail line for Amaravati approved|url=|accessdate=11 January 2017|work=The Hindu}}</ref>
[[File:A view of Seed Access Road.jpg|thumb|A view of Seed Access Road]]