Khác biệt giữa các bản “Đại hỏa hoạn Luân Đôn 1666”

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* {{thể loại Commons-inline|Great Fire of London}}
* {{Cite book |last=Evelyn |first=John |authorlink=John Evelyn |title=Diary and Correspondence of John Evelyn, F.R.S. |url= |accessdate=5 November 2006 |year=1854 |publisher=Hurst and Blackett |location=London}}
* {{Cite book |last=Hanson |first=Neil |title=The Dreadful Judgement: The True Story of the Great Fire of London |year=2001 |publisher=Doubleday |location=New York}} For a review of Hanson's work, see {{citeChú thích web |lasthọ 1=Lauzanne |firsttên 1=Alain |titletiêu đề=Revue pluridisciplinaire du monde anglophone |publishernhà xuất bản=Cercles |url= |accessdatengày truy cập=12 October 2006 }}
* {{Cite book |last=Hanson |first=Neil |title=The Great Fire of London: In That Apocalyptic Year, 1666|url= |year=2002 |publisher=John Wiley and Sons |location=Hoboken, New Jersey}} A "substantially different" version of Hanson's ''The Dreadful Judgement'' (front matter).
* {{cite book|last=Leasor|first=James|origyear=1961|year=2011|title=The Plague and the Fire|isbn=978-1-908291-22-6|url=|authorlink=James Leasor}}
*{{citeChú thích web|titletiêu đề=London: the city as a phoenix – The Great Fire of London|url=|publishernhà xuất bản=Richmond upon Thames Library Services|accessdatengày truy cập=2017-06-20}}
* {{Cite book |last=Morgan |first=Kenneth O. |year=2000 |title=Oxford Illustrated History of Britain |location=Oxford |publisher=Oxford}}
* {{Cite book |last=Pepys |first=Samuel |authorlink=Samuel Pepys |editor=[[Robert Latham (editor)|Robert Latham]] and William Matthews (eds.) |others= |title=The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol. 7 |year=1995 |location=London |publisher=Harper Collins |isbn=0-00-499027-7}} First published between 1970 and 1983, by Bell & Hyman, London. Quotations from and details involving Pepys are taken from this standard, and copyright, edition. All web versions of the diaries are based on public domain 19th century editions and unfortunately contain many errors, as the shorthand in which Pepys' diaries were originally written was not accurately transcribed until the pioneering work of Latham and Matthews.