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[[FileTập tin:Morocco Africa Flickr Rosino December 2005 84514010.jpg|300px|thumb|[[Erg Chebbi]], Morocco]]
[[FileTập tin:Dunas de Maspalomas.jpg|thumb|300px|Đụn cát [[Maspalomas]] ở [[Gran Canaria]]]]
[[FileTập tin:KelsoDunesAvalancheDeposits.JPG|thumb|300px|Vết trượt lở trên đỉnh của đụn cát Kelso, khu bảo tồn quốc gia Mojave, [[California]].]]
Trong [[địa lý tự nhiên]], '''đụn cát''' (hoặc '''cồn cát''') là một [[đồi]] [[cát]] kết quả từ quá trình trầm tích gió ([[:en:aeolian processes|aeolian processes]]). Đụn cát có nhiều hình dạng và kích thước khác nhau, hình thành do tương tác giữa [[gió]] với gió. Most kinds of dunes are longer on the windward side where the sand is pushed up the dune and have a shorter "slip face" in the lee of the wind. The valley or trough between dunes is called a ''slack.'' A "dune field" is an area covered by extensive sand dunes. Large dune fields are known as [[erg (landform)|ergergs]]s.
Some coastal areas have one or more sets of dunes running parallel to the shoreline directly inland from the [[beach]]. In most cases the dunes are important in protecting the land against potential ravages by storm waves from the [[sea]]. Although the most widely distributed dunes are those associated with coastal regions, the largest complexes of dunes are found inland in dry regions and associated with ancient [[lake]] or [[sea]] beds.
The modern word "dune" came into English from French circa 1790. In ancient times, words cognate to "dune" probably had the meaning of a built-up hill or citadel fortification.<ref>[ dune - Definitions from<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
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