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'''Phi công "Ách"''' ([[tiếng Anh]]: ''Ace'', đọc là "Ây-xơ"), hay '''Át''', là thuật ngữ thông dụng trong hàng không quân sự dùng để chỉ các [[phi công]] đã bắn hạ từ 5 máy bay đối phương trở lên.
While "ace" status was generally won only by fighter pilots, several bomber and reconnaissance crews on both sides also destroyed some enemy aircraft, typically in defending themselves from attack. An example is an action on 23 August 1918, in which the [[Bermuda|Bermudian]] pilot, Lieutenant [[Arthur Spurling|Arthur Rowe Spurling]] launched a single-plane attack on thirty German [[Fokker D.VII|D.VII]] fighters. He claimed the destruction of three with his [[Airco DH-9|DH-9's]] fixed, forward-firing machine gun, while his gunner Sergeant [[Frank Bell (aviator)|Frank William Bell]] claimed two more with his rear gun. Spurling was awarded the [[Distinguished Flying Cross (United Kingdom)|Distinguished Flying Cross]], largely on the strength of this action.
===WorldThế Warchiến II===
[[Image:Erich Hartmann.jpg|thumb|125px|[[Erich Hartmann]], the highest-scoring ace in history, with 352 kills claimed]]
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The world's top Mustang ace, [[George Preddy]], shot down six [[Messerschmitt Bf 109|Me-109s]] on August 6, 1944, setting the European Theater of Operations record.
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