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{{Infobox settlement
| official_name = Amaravati
| settlement_type = [[Thành phố ở Ấn Độ|Thành phố]]
| image_skyline = Amaravati city.jpg
| image_alt =
| image_caption = The [[Dhyana Buddha statue]] at [[Amaravathi (village), Guntur district|Amaravathi Temple town]], {{Convert|35|km|abbr=on}} west of Amaravati
| image_map =
| founder = [[Nara Chandrababu Naidu]]<ref>{{cite news|title=Chandrababu Naidu performs bhoomi pooja for new capital city of Amaravati|url=|work=The Hindu Business Line: Mobile Edition|date=6 June 2015}}</ref> (2014)
| map_alt =
| map_caption =Vị trí của Amaravati in [[Andhra pradesh]], India
| pushpin_map = India Andhra Pradesh#India
| pushpin_label_position = right
| coordinates = {{coord|16.541|N|80.515|E|display=inline,title}}
| subdivision_type = Quốc gia
| subdivision_name = [[Ấn Độ]]
| subdivision_type1 = [[Bang của Ấn Độ|Bang]]
| subdivision_name1 = [[Andhra Pradesh]]
| subdivision_type3 = [[Huyện của Ấn Độ|Huyện]]
| subdivision_name3 = [[Guntur (huyện)|Guntur]]
| established_date = 2015
| government_type = Planning Agencies
| governing_body = Amaravati Development Corporation Limited, [[Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority|APCRDA]]
| unit_pref = Metric
| area_footnotes = <ref name="apcrda">{{cite web|title=Declaration of A.P. Capital City Area–Revised orders|url=|website=Andhra Nation|publisher=Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department|accessdate=21 February 2016|format=PDF|date=22 September 2015}}</ref>
| area_total_km² = 217.23
| area_metro_footnotes = <ref name="metro">{{cite news|last1=Subba Rao|first1=GVR|title=Capital region expands as CRDA redraws boundaries|url=|accessdate=31 October 2015|work=The Hindu|date=23 September 2015|location=Vijayawada}}</ref>
| area_metro_km² = 8352.69
| population_total = 103000
| population_as_of = 2011
| population_footnotes = <ref>{{cite news|title=CRDA eyes CSR funds to push job potential in capital city|url=|accessdate=18 August 2015|work=Times of India|date=1 July 2015|location=Guntur}}</ref>
| population_metro = {{Nowrap|5.8 million}}
| population_metro_footnotes = <ref>{{cite news|title=Amaravathi to be divided into eight urban plan areas|url=|accessdate=21 June 2016|work=The Hindu|date=3 April 2015|language=en-IN}}</ref>
| timezone1 = [[Indian Standard Time|IST]]
| utc_offset1 = +5:30
| postal_code_type = [[Postal Index Number|Pincode(s)]]
| postal_code = 520 xxx, 521 xxx, 522 xxx
| area_code = [[Telephone numbers in India]]
| registration_plate = AP-07
| blank2_name = {{nowrap|Official languages}}
| blank2_info = [[Telugu language|Telugu]]
| website = {{URL||Amaravati official website}}
'''Amaravati''' là một thành phố thủ phủ trên thực tế (''de facto'') của bang [[Andhra Pradesh]], [[Ấn Độ]].<ref>{{cite news|last1=Akbar|first1=Syed|title=Amaravati as official capital will boost Andhra Pradesh's image – Times of India|url=|accessdate=1 May 2017|work=The Times of India|date=8 Aug 2016}}</ref>
=== Road ===
The buses operated by [[Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation|APSRTC]] from [[Pandit Nehru Bus Station]] và [[NTR bus station]], connects the city with [[Vijayawada]] và [[Guntur]] respectively.<ref>{{cite news|title=Work at new Secretariat from June 27|url=|accessdate=3 May 2017|work=The Hans India|language=en}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|title=Facelift to Guntur bus stand|url=|accessdate=12 May 2017|page=2|format=PDF}}</ref> Two new depots, North and South of [[Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation|APSRTC]] are proposed to be constructed in the city.<ref>{{Chú thích web|url=|tiêu đề=APSRTC cuts losses by Rs. 116 crore}}</ref> [[Auto rickshaw]]s also operate for shorter distances in the capital city area.<ref>{{cite news|title=Thullur- Vijayawada waterway a welcome convenience|url=|accessdate=2 June 2017|work=The Hans India|language=en}}</ref> The [[Amaravati–Anantapur Expressway]], supported by [[Kurnool Feeder Road|Kurnool]] và [[Kadapa Feeder Road]]s is an ongoing greenfield [[Expressways in India|expressway]] project, which would provide faster road access from the districts of [[Anantapur district|Anantapur]], [[Guntur district|Guntur]], [[Kadapa district|Kadapa]], [[Kurnool district|Kurnool]] và [[Prakasam district|Prakasam]] to Amaravati.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=In a big infra boost, Centre to fund Rs 29,000 crore Andhra expressway – Times of India|work=The Times of India|accessdate=2 June 2017}}</ref><ref name="nh">{{Chú thích web|url=|tiêu đề=List of National Highways passing through A.P. State|website=Roads and Buildings Department|nhà xuất bản=Government of Andhra Pradesh|ngày truy cập=11 February 2016}}</ref> The [[Amaravati seed capital road]] is an arterial road under construction to access the core capital area from [[National Highway 16 (India)|National Highway 16]].<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=AP CM to take part in Iftar party|date=22 June 2016|work=The Hans India|accessdate=29 June 2016}}</ref> The ''Vijayawada-Amaravati'' road connects the city with Vijayawada.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Four-lane road to Andhra Pradesh new capital soon|date=6 August 2015|work=The Hindu|accessdate=4 June 2016|location=Guntur}}</ref>
=== Railway ===
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