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{{cquote|'''Civility, Maturity, Responsibility'''|Xenocidic}}
The '''Counter-VandalismUỷ Unitban phòng chống phá hoại''' ('''CVUUBPCPH''') aimsđược tolập helpnên inđể cleaninglàm upsạch lại sự [[Wikipedia:VandalismPhá hoại|vandalismphá hoại]] ontại Wikipedia by producing tools to assist in removing vandalism, providing advice on dealing with vandals, and sharing information with other Wikipedians dealing with the same issues. Removing vandalism is a task open to all members of the Wikipedia community, and the CVU intends to make that task easier. In other words, anyone who wants to help with reverting vandalism is welcome to join.
Identifying with the CVU's role by one of the methods above does '''not''' grant you any special rights or privileges on Wikipedia. The CVU is not, and has not requested to be, sanctioned as an official project of the [[Wikimedia Foundation]]. It is merely a collection of individuals dedicated to removing vandalism and does not seek to represent itself as anything more. "Unit" is simply a little snappier than "[[Wikipedia:WikiProject|WikiProject]]".

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