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**[[Piledriver (professional wrestling)#Texas piledriver|Piledriver]]<ref name="WWEProfile"/><ref name=Encyclopedia>{{cite book|title=WWE Encyclopedia|last1=Shields|first1=Brian|last2=Sullivan|first2=Kevin|page=150|publisher=[[Dorling Kindersley|DK]]|year=2009|isbn=978-0-7566-4190-0}}</ref>
*'''Signature moves'''
**[[Suplex#Belly-to-back suplex|Belly-to-back suplex]]<ref name="OWOWprof">{{cite web|title=Wrestler Profiles: Jerry Lawler|work=Online World of Wrestling|url=|accessdate=October 12, 2001}}</ref><ref name=Raw1007>{{cite web|last=Trionfo|first=Richard|title=WWE RAW 1007 REPORT: BRET HART RETURNS TO MONTREAL; ANGER MANAGEMENT CREATES A NEW NUMBER ONE CONTENDER; IS THE IC TITLE COMING HOME?; CENA AND PUNK HAVE VERBAL CONFRONTATION; JERRY LAWLER SUFFERS MEDICAL EMERGENCY DURING SHOW|url=|date=September 10, 2012 | publisher=PWInsider}}</ref>
**[[Professional wrestling throws#Body slam|Body slam]]
**[[Dropkick]]<ref name=Raw1007/>