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| image = Pomacea.jpg
| image_caption = ''[[Pomacea bridgesii]]''
| regnum = [[AnimalAnimalia]]ia
| phylum = [[Động vật thân mềm|Mollusca]]
| classis = [[Gastropoda]]
This "informal group" has been shown to be [[polyphyletic]] in a study by Harasewych ''et al.'', published innăm 1998.<ref name="Harasewych">{{cite journal | author=M.G. Harasewych, S.L. Adamkewicz, M. Plassmeyer, P.M. Gillevet| title=Phylogenetic relationships of the lower Caenogastropoda (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Architaenioglossa, Campaniloidea, Cerithioidea) as determined by partial 18S rDNA sequences| journal=Zoologica Scripta| year=1998| volume=27| issue=4| page=361–372}}</ref>
==Taxonomy Phân loại ==
*SuperfamilyLiên họ [[Ampullarioidea]]
**FamilyHọ [[Ampullariidae]]
** † FamilyHọ [[Naricopsinidae]]
*SuperfamilyLiên họ [[Cyclophoroidea]]
**FamilyHọ [[Cyclophoridae]]
**FamilyHọ [[Aciculidae]]
**FamilyHọ [[Craspedopomatidae]]
**FamilyHọ [[Diplommatinidae]]
** † FamilyHọ [[Ferussinidae]]
**FamilyHọ [[Maizaniidae]]
**FamilyHọ [[Megalomastomatidae]]
**FamilyHọ [[Neocyclotidae]]
**FamilyHọ [[Pupinidae]]
*SuperfamilyLiên họ [[Viviparoidea]]
**FamilyHọ [[Viviparidae]]
** † FamilyHọ [[Pliopholygidae]]
(Families that are exclusively fossil are indicated with a dagger †)
==References Tham khảo ==
[[CategoryThể loại:Architaenioglossa]]

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