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Sau đây là những người con của bà:{{efn|According to some sources,{{sfn|Ward|2006|p=49}}{{sfn|Staley|2006|p=229}} in 1382 she had a son who died shortly after birth. This is incorrect, as it's based on a misreading of a contemporary account book, by J.H. Wylie, in his biography of Henry IV (published in the 19th century). Wylie missed a line which made clear that the boy in question was Mary's nephew, [[Humphrey, 2nd Earl of Buckingham]]. There is no evidence that there was any child born to her at this time (when Mary de Bohun was only about 14).{{sfn|Mortimer|2007|p=appendix 3}}}}
*[[Henry V của Anh]] (1386–1422){{sfn|Allmand|1992|p=8-9}}làm vua Anh, cưới [[Catherine de Valois]].
*Thomas của Anh, Công tước của Clarence (1387–1421){{sfn|Allmand|1992|p=8-9}}
*[[John Lancaster, Công tước Bedford thứ nhất|John của Anh, Công tước của Bedford]] (1389–1435){{sfn|Allmand|1992|p=8-9}}
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