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(Thay cả nội dung bằng “{{Campaign |name= |battles= }}”)
name=[[Western Front (World War I)|Western Front]]
|battles=[[Battle of the Frontiers|Frontiers]] – [[Battle of Liège|Liège]] – [[Siege of Antwerp|Antwerp]] – [[Great Retreat]] – [[Race to the Sea]] – [[Battle of Neuve Chapelle|Neuve Chapelle]] – [[Second Battle of Ypres|2nd Ypres]] – [[Second Battle of Artois|2nd Artois]] – [[Battle of Hill 70|Hill 70]] – [[Third Battle of Artois|3rd Artois]] – [[Battle of Loos|Loos]] – [[Battle of Verdun|Verdun]] – [[Battle of Hulluch|Hulluch]] – [[Battle of the Somme (1916)|Somme]] – [[Battle of Arras (1917)|Arras]] – [[Battle of Vimy Ridge|Vimy Ridge]] – [[Second Battle of the Aisne|2nd Aisne]] – [[Battle of Messines|Messines]] – [[Passchendaele]] – [[Battle of Cambrai|Cambrai]] – [[Spring Offensive|Michael]] – [[Battle of the Lys|Lys]] – [[Third Battle of the Aisne|3rd Aisne]] – [[Battle of Belleau Wood|Belleau Wood]] – [[Second Battle of the Marne|2nd Marne]] – [[Battle of Château-Thierry (1918)|Château-Thierry]] – [[Battle of Hamel|Hamel]] – [[Hundred Days Offensive|Hundred Days]]