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| iso3166code = IR
| cctld = {{unbulleted list |[[.ir]] |[[.ir|ایران.]]}}
| englishmotto = ("IndependenceĐộc lập, freedomtự do, theCộng hòa IslamicHồi Republicgiáo") <br /> {{small|(''[[de facto]]'')}}<ref name="Temperman2010">{{cite book |author=Jeroen Temperman | title=State-Religion Relationships and Human Rights Law: Towards a Right to Religiously Neutral Governance | url= | year=2010 | publisher=Brill | isbn=978-90-04-18148-9| pages=87–
| quote=The official motto of Iran is ''[[Takbir]]'' ("God is the Greatest" or "God is Great"). Transliteration ''Allahu Akbar''. As referred to in art. 18 of the constitution of Iran (1979). The ''[[de facto]]'' motto however is: "Independence, freedom, the Islamic Republic."}}</ref>
| official_religion =