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{{Infobox musical artist
| name = Madonna
| image = Madonna by David Shankbone.jpg
| caption = Madonna attại thelễ premierera ofmắt phim tài liệu ''[[I Am Because We Are]]'' innăm 2008
| alt = Upper body of a middle-aged blond woman. Her hair is parted in the middle and falls in waves to her shoulder. She is wearing a loose dress with black and brown prints on it. A locket is hung around her neck, coming up to her breasts. She is looking to the right and smiling.
| background = solo_singer
| birth_name = Madonna Louise Ciccone
| alias = Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (Catholictên [[ConfirmationThánh đạo name]]Thiên Chúa), Esther (tên [[Kabbalah]] name)
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|mf=yes|1958|8|16}}<br />[[Bay City, Michigan|Bay City]], Michigan, U.S.
| origin = [[Thành phố New York City|New York]], New York, U.S.Mỹ
| genre = [[PopNhạc musicpop|Pop]], [[RockNhạc musicrock|rock]], [[ElectronicNhạc dance music|dance]]
| instrument = VocalsHát, guitar, percussion, drumstrống
| occupation = Singer-songwriterCa sĩ, recordnhạc producer, dancernhà sản xuất đĩa, actressvũ công, filmdiễn producerviên, filmnhà directorsản xuất phim, fashionđạo designerdiễn phim, authornhà thiết kế thời trang, entrepreneurnhà văn, philanthropistdoanh nhân, nhà từ thiện
| years_active = 1979–present1979–nay
| label = [[Interscope Records|Interscope]], [[Live Nation]], [[Maverick Records|Maverick]], [[Sire Records|Sire]], [[Warner Bros. Records|Warner Bros.]]
| associated_acts = [[Breakfast Club (bandban nhạc)|Breakfast Club]]
| website = {{URL|}}
'''Madonna''' (borntên khai sinh '''Madonna Louise Ciccone''' ({{IPA-it|tʃik̚ˈkoːne}} {{respell|chee-CO-nay}}); August 16 tháng 8, 1958) is anmột American singerca-songwriternhạc sĩ, actressdiễn andviên entrepreneurvà doanh nhân người Mỹ. BornSinh ra intại [[Bay City, Michigan]], she movedđặt tochân tới thành phố New York City innăm 1977 to pursueđể agây careerdựng innghiệp modern dancecông. AfterSau performingkhi intrở thethành musicthành groupsviên và biểu diễn trong hai nhóm nhạc [[Breakfast Club (bandban nhạc)|Breakfast Club]] and Emmy, she releasedphát her debuthành album inkhởi nghiệp năm 1983. She followed it with a series of albums that attained immense popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and imagery in her music videos, which became a fixture on MTV. Throughout her career, many of her songs have hit number one on the record charts, including "[[Like a Virgin (song)|Like a Virgin]]", "[[Papa Don't Preach]]", "[[Like a Prayer (song)|Like a Prayer]]", "[[Vogue (Madonna song)|Vogue]]", "[[Frozen (song)|Frozen]]", "[[Music (Madonna song)|Music]]", "[[Hung Up]]", and "[[4 Minutes (Madonna song)|4 Minutes]]". Critics have praised Madonna for her diverse musical productions while at the same time serving as a lightning rod for religious controversy.
Her career was further enhanced by film appearances that began in 1985, despite mixed commentary. She received critical acclaim and a [[Golden Globe Award]] for [[Golden Globe Award for Best Actress&nbsp;– Motion Picture Musical or Comedy|Best Actress in Motion Picture Musical or Comedy]] for her role in ''[[Evita (film)|Evita]]'' (1996), but has received harsh feedback for other film roles. Madonna's other ventures include being a fashion designer, children's book author, film director and producer. Madonna has been acclaimed as a businesswoman. In 1992, she founded entertainment company [[Maverick (entertainment company)|Maverick]] as a joint venture with [[Time Warner]]. In 2007, she signed an unprecedented US $120&nbsp;million contract with [[Live Nation]].

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