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== ts ==
* 1Basic teachings
* 2Nichiren
** 2.1Nichiren and his time
** 2.2Development during Nichiren's life
*** 2.2.1Early stage: From initial studies to 1260
*** 2.2.2Middle stage: 1261–1273
*** 2.2.3Final stage: 1274–1282
** 2.3Nichiren's writings
* 3Post-Nichiren developmeContennt in Japan
** 3.1Development in Medieval Japan
** 3.2Development of the major lineages
*** 3.2.1Origin of the Fuji School
*** 3.2.215th century through the early 19th century
*** 3.2.319th century: From Tokugawa to Meiji periods
** 3.3Development in modern Japanese history
*** 3.3.1As a form of nationalism
*** 3.3.2As a form of socialism
*** 3.3.3Within new social and religious movements
*** 3.3.4In culture and literature
* 4Globalization
* 5Lists of major schools and organizations
** 5.1Clerical Nichiren Buddhist schools and their head temples
** 5.220th-century movements and lay organizations
* 6See also
* 7References
* 8Further reading
** 8.1Translations of Nichiren's writings
** 8.2English
*** 8.2.1Recent scholarship
*** 8.2.2English-language works, late 19th and early 20th centuries
** 8.3Japanese
* 9External links
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