Khác biệt giữa bản sửa đổi của “Danh sách vị quân chủ đương nhiệm trên thế giới”

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|[[House of Dlamini|Dlamini]]
| Chuyên chế
|HereditaryNối andngôi electivevà tuyển cử[[#cite_note-Swazi-123|<span class="mw-reflink-text"><nowiki>[fn 36]</nowiki></span>]]{{refn|Succession is subject to customary law, and does not follow [[primogeniture]]. A council of elders selects who among the reigning king's wives will be mother of the next [[Ngwenyama|king]]. This woman will succeed as ''[[Ndlovukati]]'' upon her son's ascension to throne, and will rule alongside him for the duration of his reign. The king's first two wives are considered ineligible.<ref>{{chú thích sách
| author = Marwick, Brian Allan
| title = The Swazi: an ethnographic account of the natives of the Swaziland Protectorate
| align="center" | <ref>{{chú thích web|title=Argentina's Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope|url=|publisher=[[B[[TCN]] News]]|accessdate=13 March 2013}}</ref>
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