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{{Cquote|Bác sĩ đã dùng các loại thuốc an thần như một phương án giúp các bệnh nhân chôn dấu sự thất vọng về cuộc sống, trong khi đó đúng ra nhiệm vụ của bác sĩ là dẫn dắt bệnh nhân trưởng thành và phát triển qua những nỗi bất hạnh trong đời.}}
{{Cquote|The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit<br> is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.||200px|Alberto Brandolini}}
{{Cquote|Self-restraint{{refn|group=note|According to Vetter, ''dhyana'' may have been the [[Pre-sectarian Buddhism#Contents and teachings of earliest Buddhism|original core practice of the Buddha]], which aided the maintenance of mindfulness, and thereby self-restraint.<ref>Vetter, Tilmann (1988), The Ideas and Meditative Practices of Early Buddhism, BRILL</ref> According to Paul Williams, referring to Erich Frauwallner, mindfulness provided the way in early Buddhism to liberation, "constantly watching sensory experience in order to prevent the arising of cravings which would power future experience into rebirths."<ref>Williams (2000), ''Buddhist Thought'', p.46</ref><ref>Frauwallner, E. (1973), ''History of Indian Philosophy'', trans. V.M. Bedekar, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass. Two volumes., pp.150 ff</ref>}} and benefiting others<br>With a compassionate mind is the Dharma.||200px|[[Nagarjuna]]{{refn|group=note|''Mulamadhyamaka-karika'', chapter 17, verse 1. Translation by Jay Garfield (2005), ''The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way. Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika'', Oxford University Press. See also [ Advayavada Buddhism, ''Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamaka-karika, "Karma-phala-pariksha" (The analysis of action and result)].}}}}
{{Cquote|The main thing is to develop a good heart.||200px|Gen Lamrimpa{{refn|group=note|Gen Lamrimpa (2010), ''How to Realize Emptiness'', p.16: "The main thing is not the book; it is to develop a good heart and become a better person trough practice."}}}}
{{Cquote|A good man is a wise man||200px|[[Jiddu Krishnamurti|Krishnamurti]]{{refn|group=note|Needleman: [...] I was reading a book the other day which spoke of something called "Sat-san".<br>
Krishnamurti: Do you know what it means?<br>
Needleman: Association with the wise.<br>
Krishnamurti: No, with good people.{{refn|group=note|See [[Satya]], [[Sacca]] and [[Satyagraha]].}}<br>
Needleman: With good people, Ah!<br>
Krishnamurti: Being good you are wise. Not, being wise you are good.<br>
Needleman: I understand that.<br>
Krishnamurti: Because you are good, you are wise.<ref>[ Krishnamurti and Needleman, ''Conversations with Jacob Needleman'']</ref>}}}}
{{cquote|Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom.||200px|[[Frank Zappa]]}}
{{cquote|Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens||200px|[[Jimi Hendrix]]{{refn|group=note|Source: "FLOW" calendar 2015}}}}
{{cquote|<center>Do not speak harshly to anyone;
those who are spoken to will answer you in the same way.
Indeed, Angry speech is painful and retaliation may overtake you.</center>||200px|<ref name=SLTP>Pali retrieved 2008-03-28 from "Bodhgaya News" (formerly, La Trobe U.) starting at, and from "MettaNet - Lanka" at</ref>}}
{{cquote|Neem het leven niet te serieus, je overleeft het toch niet.||200px|[[Armand (singer)|Armand]]}}
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