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(Trang mới: '''Đại học Palermo''' là một trường đại học tại Palermo, Italia. Trường được thành lập năm 1806 và hiện có 12 khoa. [[Thể loại:Trường đại họ...)
'''Đại học Palermo''' là một trường đại học tại Palermo, Italia. Trường được thành lập năm 1806 và hiện có 12 khoa.
|name =University of Palermo
|native_name =Università degli Studi di Palermo
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|established =[[1806]]
|type =State-supported
|endowment =
|staff =2,000
|rector =Prof. [[Giuseppe Silvestri]]
|students =50,000
|undergrad =
|postgrad =
|doctoral =
|city =[[Palermo]]
|country =[[Italy]]
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:''For the University of Palermo in [[Buenos Aires]], [[Argentina]], see [[Universidad de Palermo]].''
The '''University of Palermo''' ([[Italian language|Italian]]: ''Università degli Studi di Palermo'') is a university located in [[Palermo]], [[Italy]], and founded in [[1806]]. It is organized in 12 Faculties.
The University of Palermo was officially founded in 1806, although its earliest roots date back to 1498 when [[medicine]] and [[law]] were taught here. A little later in [[history]], from the second half of the 16th century from their seat at the Collegio Massimo al Cassero, the [[Jesuit]] Fathers granted degrees in [[Theology]] and [[Philosophy]] - subjects in which they had been masters for over 200 years.
In 1767 they were expelled from the kingdom by King [[Ferdinand of Bourbon]], until 37 years later when they returned to take their seat - which in the meantime had been turned into the Regia Accademia.
At this time the same King [[Ferdinand]] decided to grant a worthy seat to the Accademia, moving its location to the Convent of the Teatini Fathers next to the Church of St. Giuseppe.
After the unification of Italy in 1860 the University of Palermo was modernised under the impetus of the chemist S.Cannizzaro and the minister and specialist in [[Arab Studies]] - M.Amari, more or less assuming its present appearance. Since 1984 the main building of the University, housing the Rector's office, is Palazzo Steri, one of the most important historical buildings in Palermo, built in 1307 and formerly the residence of the Chiaramonte. Not far from Palazzo Steri, on land formerly belonging to the Chiaramonte, the Botanical Gardens of Palermo constitute a further admirable pearl of the University.
Today, the University has grown to be an institution of about 2000 lecturers and 50,000 students in which research in all main fields of study is carried out. In the past few years the university has actively taken part in international cooperation programmes.
These are the 12 faculties in which the university is divided into:
* Faculty of [[Agriculture]]
* Faculty of [[Architecture]]
* Faculty of [[Arts]] and [[Humanities]]
* Faculty of [[Economics]]
* Faculty of [[Educational Studies]]
* Faculty of [[Engineering]]
* Faculty of [[Law]]
* Faculty of [[Mathematical]], [[physics|Physical]] and [[Natural Sciences]]
* Faculty of [[Medicine]]
* Faculty of [[Motory Science]]
* Faculty of [[Pharmacy]]
* Faculty of [[Political Sciences]]
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