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Today, the University has grown to be an institution of about 2000 lecturers and 50,000 students in which research in all main fields of study is carried out. In the past few years the university has actively taken part in international cooperation programmes.
==OrganizationTổ chức==
Trường hiện có 12 khoa:
These are the 12 faculties in which the university is divided into:
* Faculty ofKhoa [[AgricultureNông nghiệp]]
* Faculty ofKhoa [[ArchitectureKiến trúc]]
* Faculty ofKhoa [[ArtsNghệ thuật]] and [[HumanitiesNhân văn]]
* Faculty ofKhoa [[EconomicsKinh tế học]]
* Khoa [[Nghiên cứu Giáo dục]]
* Faculty of [[Educational Studies]]
* Faculty ofKhoa [[EngineeringKỹ thuật]]
* Faculty ofKhoa [[LawLuật]]
* Faculty ofKhoa [[MathematicalToán học]], [[physics|PhysicalVật lýl]] and [[NaturalKhoa học tự Sciencesnhiên]]
* Faculty ofKhoa [[MedicineY khoa]]
* Khoa [[Khoa học chuyển động]]
* Faculty of [[Motory Science]]
* Faculty ofKhoa [[PharmacyDược học]]
* Khoa [[Khoa học chính trị]]
* Faculty of [[Political Sciences]]
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