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{{thể loại Commons|Romeo and Juliet}}
{{Liên kết tới các dự án khác|Romeo and Juliet}}
* {{Britannica|508921|Romeo and Juliet}}
* {{Gutenberg book|no=1513|name=Romeo and Juliet}}
* [ ''Romeo and Juliet''] at the British Library
* [ ''Romeo and Juliet''] HTML version at MIT
* [ ''Romeo and Juliet''] Complete Annotated Text on One Page Without Ads or Images
* [ ''Romeo and Juliet''] HTML Annotated Play
* [ ''Easy Read Romeo and Juliet''] Full text with portraits and location drawings to make the play easy to follow from the printed page.
* {{librivox book |title=Romeo and Juliet |author=William Shakespeare}}
{{Romeo và Juliet}}