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[[Archaeology|Archaeological]] evidence shows that [[hominin]]s first inhabited the [[Korean Peninsula]] 700,000 years ago, though some North Koreans claim it may have been inhabited for 1,000,000 years.<ref>{{cite journal |last= Han|first= Chang-Gyun|year= 2002|month= March|title=한국의 선사시대에 대한 북한 고고학계의 동향과 시각-구석기시대와 신석기시대를 중심으로-Trend and Perspective of Korean Prehistoric Study in North Korea |journal= 한국고대사연구|volume= |issue= 25|pages=5-27 |id= |url=|accessdate= 2006-12-03}} In addition, the [[Korean Central News Agency]], the official News Agency of North Korea claims that Korea is ''one of the several cradles of humankind in the world'' (13/04/2004). Typical of relics that allegedly dates from the ''beginning period of humankind'' was discovered in a grotto in Huku-ri of Sangwon County, Pyongyang.[]</ref> Tool-making artifacts from the [[Palaeolithic]] period (700,000 BC to 40,000 BC) have been found in present-day [[North Hamgyong]], [[South P'yongan]], [[Gyeonggi]], and north and south [[Chungcheong]] Provinces. The people were cave dwellers and built homes, using fire for cooking food and warmth. They hunted, gathered and fished with stone tools.
===Thời kỳ đồ gốm Jeulmun===
===Jeulmun Pottery Period===
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