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The earliest known [[Korean pottery]] dates back to around 8000 BC. or before, and evidence of [[Mesolithic]] [[Pit-Comb Ware culture]] or Yungimun Pottery is found throughout the peninsula. An example of a Yungimun-era site is the Gosan-ni in [[Jeju-do]]. Jeulmun or Comb-pattern Pottery is found after 7000 BC, and pottery with comb-patterns over the whole vessel is found concentrated at sites in West-central Korea between 3500-2000 BC, a time when a number of settlements such as Amsa-dong existed. Jeulmun pottery is similar to that of the [[Primorsky Krai|Russian Maritime Province]], [[Mongolia]], and the [[Amur]] and [[Sungari River]] basins of [[Manchuria]].<ref></ref>
===MumunThời Potterykỳ Periodđồ gốm Mumun===
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