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[[Taebong]] (Later Goguryeo) was originally led by Gung Ye, a Buddhist monk who founded Later Goguryeo. The unpopular Gung Ye was deposed by [[Wang Geon]] (877-943) in 918, when Gung Ye killed his wife and son.<ref > Wang Geon changed the name of dynasty to Goryeo</ref> Wang Geon was popular with his people, and he decided to unite the entire peninsula under one government. He attacked Later Baekje in 934 and received the surrender of Silla in the following year. In 936, Goryeo conquered Later Baekje.
==GoryeoCao Ly==
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[[Image:Goryeo Pagoda.jpg|thumb|150px|The famous [[Gyeongcheonsa Pagoda]] from the [[Goryeo Dynasty]].]]

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